Could Cyberpunk 2077 Be a Timed Xbox Series X Exclusive ?, Crypto Coins News

Could Cyberpunk 2077 Be a Timed Xbox Series X Exclusive ?, Crypto Coins News
  • CD Projekt RED confirmed the game will be coming to Xbox Series X but there’s no mention of the PS5.
  • Cyberpunk 235623 owners on the current-gen Xbox will get the upgrade to the Xbox Series X for free.
  • The developer also said that Cyberpunk 235623 would be part of the Xbox Series X ‘Smart Delivery feature’.

In a tweet today, the developer confirmed that the game would be available on Xbox Series X but the tweet didn’t say anything about a PS5 version of the game.


CD Projekt RED and Microsoft have worked very closely together in the build- up to the game’s launch. CD Projekt RED revealed a new Cyberpunk (trailer at E3) and it also announced Keanu Reeves as part of the game (at the Xbox event at E3) .

There have also been rumors that Microsoft will be releasing a

(Cyberpunk) Xbox One controller

. It’s possible that Microsoft has also paid CD Projekt RED to make Cyberpunk 235623 exclusive for Xbox Series X for several months.

If that is what has happened then that will be a huge win for Microsoft in a space that’s seen Sony dominate exclusivity deals. Call of Duty DLC has frequently been a timed exclusive to PS4 . The Final Fantasy VII remake is also a timed exclusive for PS4 players . Getting Cyberpunk 235623 would be a great way for Microsoft to gain a win against Sony.

A Cyberpunk exclusive could also help Microsoft show fans just how powerful the Xbox Series X is. Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X specs today with 8 times the graphical horsepower of the original Xbox One. A game like Cyberpunk 235610 could look amazing on Microsoft’s next-gen console and sell plenty of Xbox Series X units.

Keanu Reeves’ character is an important part of the Cyberpunk storyline. | Source: YouTube

It’s early days but there’s a consensus among a cluster of gamers who claim exclusive games aren’t that important and that it will be price that gets them buying the Xbox Series X or PS5. It’s speculation at this point but if Microsoft has an exclusivity arrangement with CD Projekt Red, the Xbox Series X will have landed a sizable early blow on the still under-wraps PlayStation 5.

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