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England 1-2 Germany: women's football international – as it happened – The Guardian,

Thanks for joining me for England’s latest defeat.

Here is Suzanne Wrack’s report.

Germany were just more efficient in the end, they were not mind blowing but looked more clinical going forward.

A momentous occasion for England is followed by five minutes of analysis and then Dad’s Army.

Nobbs failed to get in the game, which is a shame as she continues to come back from injury.

C Noyes says:“Would relish an England- US gold medal match, in part because we would win: for whatever reason, Neville’s England team can’t put 90 minutes together. Their fitness also looks questionable – Germany were well on top over the last 15. England continue to look highly suspect at the back. Would fancy Press, Heath, Lavelle running at that back line.

“In sum: There is only really one team in the world at the moment, and it’s ours.”

Neville seems to be missing the point that nothing seems to be improving …

Neville:“It was a killer blow late on . I think we competed really well. Late on we did not use our experience in terms of keeping the ball and game management.

“The players are devastated as they wanted to get a good result.

“The results aren’t good enough but I’ve got to say there’s a long term and results make people believe our long-term plan.

“Moments are costing us.”

On his future being questioned: “I don’t listen to those types of people who say those types of things.”

It was a fine occasion with so many people inside Wembleybut Phil Neville has more questions than answers. Parris missed her third successive England penalty, Earps did not prove herself as a potential No 1 and Williamson showed plenty of inexperience.

Full-time: England 1-2 Germany

Another England friendly under Phil Neville where the only thing we have learned is that his side can’t put a decent 90 minutes together. He can state he is trying to test different tactical theories but that cannot explain why they are so sloppy and slow for the majority of a match.


90 2 mins:An underwhelming finish for the England fans at Wembley who have witnessed another average performance. The final third of the match have been very little to write home about from an England perspective.

GOAL! England 1-2 Germany (Buhl, 90)


89 mins:Buhl picks up a half-cleared cross, cuts back inside and strikes a lot shot but Houghton blocks to stop it flying in.

87 mins:England have played well for about a third of this game, which is becoming far too regular a trait for the national team. How do you get a team to reach their optimum for the full 90 ?

England manager Phil Neville looks on from the touchline.
England manager Phil Neville looks on from the touchline. Photograph: Tom Jenkins / The Guardian

Updated (at 3.) PM EST

85 mins:Taylor powers her way through the Germany defense and then plays it through for Bronze to chase but the defense just about get it clear.

83 mins:Phil makes the valuable point: “Could they not have dragged in 9 random individuals off the street to make the attendance a nice, round 77, 777 ?? I guess not, there are laws against that sort of thing. ”

I was very excited when the announcement got to the third seven and was then let down.

81 mins:The latest poor challenge from a Germany players sees Leupolz foul Scott about five seconds after the ball had gone. Daly tries to balance things out with a late one on Magull. It’s all quite scrappy out there.

79 mins:Williamson gets done easily on the edge of the box, she looks like she has nothing left to give and should be the next person to be withdrawn. Neville looks soaked on the touchline.

77 mins:Stanway is also on now, taking the place of Nobbs. England have a very attacking lineup out there now.

75 mins:The tempo of this game has dropped dramatically in the last few minutes. It is probably related to the number of subs and everyone else being very tired.

71 mins:A Germany corner hits an attacker on the back and loops into Earps’ arms.

Dabritz is replaced by Leupolz, who takes the armband just after the assistant referee tries to drop the numbers board on her foot.

Updated (at 1.) ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (PM EST)

69 mins:Nobbs is face down on the turf after catching her ankle in the turf. Not what you want to see when she’s just come back from an ACL injury.

67 mins:Scott earns a free-kick on the edge of the box on the right-hand side. Greenwood decides to shoot from the set-piece but her shot goes a long way over.

The biggest roar of the game comes after the attendance is announced as 77, 768, the highest ever for a women’s game in England.

The record attendance of 77,768 is announced.
Cue 77, 768 cheers. Photograph: Tom Jenkins / The Guardian


65 mins:Germany make a double change with Knack and Bremer coming on. England are starting to look very tired out there, so surely Neville will start swapping things around.

63 mins:Disallowed goal! Buhl spins on the edge of the box and whacks a low shot towards goal which Earps can only parry, allowing Magull to slide the rebound into the corner but the flag is up as she is well offside and the goal is ruled out.

We’re beyond the hour mark here, so surely the subs will be coming soon.

61 mins:Greenwood swings in another corner but it’s overhit and cleared for a throw-in.

55 mins:There was a bit of a delay due to Parris’ injury. I don’t see much point in trying to make her carry on in these circumstances but she is back on the pitch for some reason or other.

53 mins:Kleinherne is the latest to go into the book. The full-back whacked the back of Parris’ Achilles inadvertently and the England winger is lying on the turf in agony. It seemed pretty trivial but Parris let out a horrible cry when caught.

51 mins:The ball is played into the channel for White, who takes it on and hits a cross along the six-yard line but Mead had given up on getting into the box. If she had carried on her run, she would have had a great chance to tap it in.

49 mins:Both teams have been relatively sloppy in the opening stages here, passes going astray and the odd foul.

England flags are waved by fans during the match.
England flags are waved by fans during the match. Photograph: Andrew Boyers / Action Images via Reuters


47 mins:A pretty mundane start to the second half.

Here is C Noyes again: “England don’t need to be playing well to beat you because they conjure goals out of nothing against the run of play. That’s why they are so dangerous. Compare with France, a team that needs to outplay you to beat you, and which seems to assume that outplaying you automatically means they win. Our US team can deal with that all day. But we struggle to contain this England team because disrupting the rhythm of their play doesn’t prevent them scoring on you. The Lionesses are the team we fear at the moment. ”

(Second-half) Here we go again!

Phil Neville:“For 22 minutes I thought the occasion was too much. Then after 22 minutes we started to play like an England team.

“The goal was perfect. Germany showed in the first 20 minutes why they’re such a good team. ”

England’s performance against Brazil so very similar to this,except it took them until the second-half to get into the match. I wonder why they start so slowly. Neville needs to sort that out.

Oh … so that’s what Strictly Come Dancing is.I won’t be turning over, sadly, Alex.

C Noyes makes a couple of points:“As an American that combination of Walsh-White scares me. Stop it already, Lionesses. We like our trophies.

“I’ve seen a worse foul that Doorsoun’s: Millie Bright on Alex Morgan, 84 ‘minute of the WC semifinal.’

Some slightly one-eye views there.

GOAL! England 1-1 Germany (White, 44)


42 mins:The problem with the early attempts to play out from the back is that it was all too slow. Now England have upped the tempo and are looking to pass the ball around with speed at both ends, they are putting pressure on Germany.

40 mins:Greenwood whips in a corner from the right but Germany win the header. Mead switches flanks to the right and directs a pass into Parris but her first touch is poor and the goalkeeper slides out to collect. White is told off by the referee for trying to stop Frohms from clearing.

38 mins:Popp has tried to shoot from the halfway but her effort is embarrassingly weak and it trickles towards the box for Earps to collect. An odd decision from Popp.

Missed penalty! Updated


33 mins:England are matching Germany finally and look dangerous going forward, something they could not claim in the opening 20 minutes.

29 mins:Walsh plays a lovely pass out to Mead on the left wing, allowing the Arsenal player to attack the full-back and lift in a cross, which is turned behind by defender. England are trying to be smart with their corners – this one is played shot and back to Mead who whacks it straight out for a goal kick.

27 mins:The crowd get very excited very time England instigate an attack but also seem deeply worried whenever they have to defend.

Here is Germany’s opener …

BBC Sport(@ BBCSport)

Alexandra Popp opens the scoring, finishing off a well-worked team goal 👏

Watch England v Germany on@ BBCTwo👍

November 9, 2019

25 mins:Germany break on England from a corner, ending with Buhl cutting into the area and hitting a low shot at goal but Earps gets down well and holds on.

C Noyes has been on again: “Possibly a good time to mention that the USA’s second goal in the WC semifinal came from several failed attempts to play out of the back. Lionesses lost possession and did not recover it until Telford stooped down to pick the ball our of her own net. Not sure what Phil’s playing at. ”

23 mins:Houghton takes matters into her own hands and whacks a long ball for White to compete for. England then win the second ball but White is tackled, it might have been a foul, and the ball is turned over. Then Parris gets round the back of the defense and pulls a cross back from the byline but it’s turned behind. This is the first bit of intent England and shown and they need to keep it up.

21 mins:Phil Neville is shouting a lot on the touchline . More terrible defending from England, allows Buhl to collect the ball in space 20 yards from goal, turn and fire a shot off which flies well wide.

19 mins:Williamson plays a 30 – yard pass across the box to Houghton which she just about gets to first but is then dispossessed on the edge of the box, needlessly putting pressure onto the defense. Some of England’s thinking at the back defies logic.

Germany get a corner which results in some pinball inside the box but England just about manage to get it clear after a few shots at goal.

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