Entering stores with your palm is now possible with Amazon One 2022

amazon One 2022 palm
amazon one 2022 palm

Online shopping on Amazon is ramping up deployment of its non-contact payment dubbed, “Amazon One,” announcing more than 60 locations from New York to California will feature the touchless devices. These devices can make contactless payment in retail stores, by hovering your palm over a scanner.

  • Amazon One needs to be set up by inserting a card on the user’s first use but after that, the device is completely contactless.
  • While the device has a great deal of potential, there are fears around introducing the device during COVID-19, with the likely user-education that is needed to stop consumers from pressing their palms on the device.

The Amazon One is being trialed at two Seattle-area stores, including the original Amazon Go store at 7th & Blanchard and the store in South Lake Union at 300 Boren Ave. North. It won’t replace the other ways to enter the stores, however. Customers can still enter using the Amazon Go app, Amazon app or with associate assistance if they want to pay in cash.

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