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Euro 2020 draw: England in group with Croatia while Wales meet Italy – as it happened – The Guardian,

Group-by-group analysis of the draw

Thanks for joining me.I will now runaway and not look back.

Anyway … here is a hot take on the draw …

In your face …

What Turks Think(@ whatturksthink)

Turkey will play pretty much at home in Baku. Great draw. Kind of rubs it in UEFA’s face considering they never wanted Turkey to host it in 2016 and 2020.

November 30, 2019

It is quite unfair …

Rintelnerjoe(@ rintelnerjoe)

@ Will_Unwinthis six group format it seems unfair that the winner of England’s group will face a 2nd place team in the next round. Reminds me of Italia 90. England as group winners played a 2nd place team followed by a 1st place team. Other group winners played 3rd and then 2nd.

November 30, 2019

Giggs:“Very proud, we were in the last Euros and didn’t want it to be a flash in the pan.

“Logistically for us and the fans, it’s much better. At this stage they are all tough games. Switzerland are a talented team.

“You just hope when June comes around you have a healthy group of players to pick from. If we get that, we can beat anyone. ”

Roberto Mancini shakes hands with Ryan Giggs.
Roberto Mancini shakes hands with Ryan Giggs. Photograph: Stoyan Nenov / Reuters

Updated (at 1. 31 PM EST

Southgate on favorites tag:“We have to accept that expectations have changed. We have to improve, though. We would rather be a team that is favorite. ”

If England win their group, they will play the team who finish second in Group F (the group

Southgate: “If you can win, you’ve got to take control of your own destiny. People will also be worried about playing us. ”

SOuthgate:“I am never sure what a good draw is but we’ve played two of the teams before. Playing at Wembley will be very special. ”

Have Croatia peaked?“I thought that maybe 12 months ago but they recovered very well in their group. I had a picture with Davor Suker before the draw, he wanted to play in London. ”

Gareth Southgate, Croatia manager Zlatko Dalic and Czech Republic manager Jaroslav Silhavy.
Gareth Southgate, Croatia manager Zlatko Dalic and Czech Republic manager Jaroslav Silhavy. Photograph: Mike Egerton / PA


Shearer:“I think Gareth will be delighted with that draw. He will be confident England can get out of the group and do very well in the tournament. ”

The Beeb have cut to ‘classic Euros moments’ as there is no analysis left.

Already got a PR email saying England are favorites to win the tournament!FOOTBALL IS COMING HOME!

Two trips to Baku for Wales in four days.Elis James will have some explaining to do at home.

GROUP F has made this whole blog worthwhile.Portugal, France and Germany in one group really is great fun.

I like the guess work, it makes a tedious draw even more annoying.

Jonathan Chilvers(@ jonchilvers)

@ Will_UnwinWith the playoffs still to come this draw remind me of the days of endless FA cup replays. They’d be doing the quarter final pairings and two teams would still be slugging it out in the 3rd round.

(November) , 2019

Does that make sense?Wales will be pleased with the draw, I guess.

England will be laughing. Four of the six third place teams will also progress from the group.

Gareth Southgate with Italy coach Roberto Mancini.
Gareth Southgate with Italy coach Roberto Mancini. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters


Group A (Rome, Baku):Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

Group B (St Petersburg, Copenhagen):Russia,Denmark, Belgium, Finland

Group C (Amsterdam, Bucharest):Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria (Georgia, Kosovo, Belarus, North Macedonia)

Group D (London, Glasgow):England, Croatia, Czech Republic (Scotland, Israel, Norway) , Serbia)

Group E (Bilbao, Dublin):Spain, Poland, Sweden(N Ireland, Bosnia, Slovakia or Ireland)

Group F (Munich, Budapest):Germany, France, Portugal (Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary)

Playoff winner B in Group E.So that’s N Ireland, Bosnia, Slovakia or Ireland

Scotland, Israel, Norway or Serbia will be in Group D with England.

Playoff winner D are in Group C.

Wales are in Group A with Turkey, Italy and Switzerland.Enjoy Baku, lads.

Playoff winner A will be in Group F.That almost means nothing. It could be Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary. But if Romania win it then they will be into Group C, anyway, and they’ll have to change it all.

Rather tedious having teams who faced each other in qualifying in the same groups.Why bother? Surely this concept could have been done more competently.

The final pot consists of Finland and Wales, not to mention the teams we don’t know about yet.

Sweden go into Group E.They joined Spain, who they played in the qualifiers, and Poland.

Italy v Turkey will be the opening game of the tournament next summer.

Austria find themselves in Group C alongside Netherlands and Ukraine.

Turkey will be in Group A with Italy and Switzerland.

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