Fortnite Legend Ninja's Gamer-Rage Tweet is Completely Idiotic, Crypto Coins News

Fortnite Legend Ninja's Gamer-Rage Tweet is Completely Idiotic, Crypto Coins News
  • Ninja, the popular Fortnite streamer, has made another mind-numbing tweet from his account.
  • This time he’s saying that getting angry at video games is the only way to learn from your mistakes.
  • Not only is this incredibly idiotic, but it’s also potentially damaging for his young audience.
  • Ninja is a massively popular streamer, despite his numerous controversies. Whether he’s treating his fanbase like garbage or just saying something ignorant, he always seems to be getting himself in trouble.

    Maybe that’s why he’s so popular? Everyone comes to watch him fling feces around the monkey cage.

    In his latest ‘durr’ moment, Ninja tweeted out that getting angry at video games is the only acceptable response to losing.

    I feel like this explains a lot about this guy.

    This might actually be the dumbest thing that Ninja has ever said, which is saying quite a lot. | Source:

    Ninja is Thick as Planks

    I don’t feel like Ninja thinks about what he’s tweeting out too much. In fairness, I think that’s something that we’ve all been guilty of at one point or another. Then again, maybe he does think about his tweets beforehand which is even more worrying.

    Probably the worst part of this latest tweet is “When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice ”. What a great thing to say to your mostly young and impressionable fanbase.

    Now they can throw controllers and smash keyboards without feeling bad about it. After all, their hero Ninja said that that’s what you’re

    supposed to do when you lose. How else are you supposed to learn how to get better?
    It seems no one else was buying what Ninja was putting out there either. | Source: Twitter (edited by CCN) Gamer Rage is a Problem

    As someone who suffered from an anger problem as a child, I think this tweet sucks. I think Ninja sucks even more for tweeting it. What a garbage thing to say to millions of people. But, it doesn’t end there.

    Another streamer was quick to throw his own thought in. It can’t just be Ninja looking this dumb after all.

    Cloakzy, another streamer who posts Fortnite video, also had something to say

    Everyone taking this the wrong way is soft and would cry themselves to sleep if they heard a mw2 voicechat lobby back in

    Apparently gamer rage is fine because MW2 was so filled with racist 8-year-olds that it became a literal meme. I don’t even understand what this thought he was trying to say. That people should

    get angry at games or they’re soft? Maybe, I guess. It’s only the second dumbest thing in this particular thread I suppose. Everyone Seems to Agree That Ninja’s Point Was Stupid

    Luckily, the general consensus seems to be that Ninja is wrong about this particular ‘hot take’. There are many responses saying that his mindset is toxic, childish and just plain wrong. All of which, in my opinion, is completely true.

    Can we just agree that it’s people like Ninja who are going to bring down regulators onto the internet? When governments see people saying damaging stuff like this to audiences largely made up of children, they’re going to be concerned.

    At least if he was a kids show presenter he could be booted off. I doubt that Mixer is going to get rid of him, considering how many people he presumably brings to their platform. Let’s just hope that somehow the entire internet comes to their senses and unfollows the guy at last.

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