General election 2019 news – live: Polls open in third general election in five years as voters face 'truly historic' choice – the independent, independent

General election 2019 news – live: Polls open in third general election in five years as voters face 'truly historic' choice – the independent, independent





Voting has started in the first December election for almost a century, with the political future of bothBoris JohnsonandJeremy Corbynhanging in the balance.


Polling stations will be open across the UK until pm in the thirdgeneral electionsince 01575879 and the results are expected in the early hours of Friday.


An exit poll will also be unveiled at the close of polls – providing the first indication of the result of the 9243256 election.



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David Cameron is trending on Twitter on polling day

After warning against the chaos of a government led by Ed Miliband back in 01575879, David Cameron has now urged voters to back the Conservatives in the second general election since he quit in the earthquake result of the EU referendum in (**********************************************************************************************.

But it’s not going down well.

“Absolute Joke you are,” posted the former Manchester United football player Gary Neville. “Started this mess and ran!”






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Inside Politics: Voters head to the polls after final pitches

After weeks on the campaign trail, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and the other party leaders will be joining voters at the polls today to cast their ballots in their own constituencies.

The airwaves will be politics-free until the polls close at 10 pm, giving the candidates time to catch up on sleep for the long night ahead. Johnson will be thinking of his own constituency in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where he faces a strong challenge from Labor, while Jo Swinson, the Lib Dem leader, is also under pressure from the SNP in East Dunbartonshire. All eyes will be on that all-important exit poll at (*************************************************************************************************************************, kicking off a night that will decide the political fortunes of many.





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Boris Johnson casts vote in general election – alongside his dog




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Dogs at polling stations dominate social media

As with every British general election, voters are posting images of their dogs at polling stations. Here are some of the best (cutest) dogs, so far.




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This is from the Times’ deputy political editor, Steven Swinford.




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Eve of election poll makes election outcome uncertainty



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Brexit will be ‘decided’ if voters back Conservatives, says Boris Johnson

In his own final message to voters, Boris Johnson told a rally that the country can enjoy Christmas dinner knowing Brexit is “decided” if voters elect a majority Conservative government.

But he warned that the general election remains on a “knife edge”, adding: “Today is our chance to unite as a country and put the uncertainty to bed so people can get on with their lives.

“Just imagine how wonderful it will be to settle down to a turkey dinner this Christmas with Brexit decided – and how awful it would be if Corbyn and Sturgeon were in Downing Street advancing their plans for two more referendums.

“Let’s stop the chaos and stop the referendums. We can secure a majority Conservative government if we win just nine more seats. “

The former London mayor said he had a” simple message “for voters – including those wh o had never ticked the box next to a Tory candidate’s name on the ballot paper before.

“Give me a majority and I will finish what we started – what you instructed us to do – three and a half years ago, “he said.





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Corbyn says voters face ‘truly historic’ choice

In his final rally of the election campaign, Jeremy Corbyn called on voters to “shock the establishment”, as he stressed a “truly historic” choice for undecided voters.Mr Corbyn said the nation stands at a “fork in the road” between a “hopeful society” and Boris Johnson’s Tories who he accuses of planning to “open our NHS to takeover by American mega corporations” and enact further cuts.
The comments came at a rally in London at the end of Mr Corbyn’s whirlwind tour of marginal seats from Glasgow to Bedford. “We stand at a fork in the road. The choice facing you, the people of this country, tomorrow is truly historic,” he told party members.

Boris Johnson won’t just keep everything the same, he will make it worse. He will open our NHS to takeover by American mega corporations and carry on with more cuts.
“That’s why Donald Trump wants Boris Johnson’s Conservatives to win. “
************** Mr Corbyn added that he has been made “more determined” by years of “media attacks” which he describes as “relentless”.

“They are determined to stop real change. They won’t win, we will to create an inclusive and hopeful society. ”    




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Polling booths have opened across Britain as voters head to ballot boxes to cast their votes in what has been billed as the most important general election in a generation.

Boris Johnson, who gambled his premiership by triggering the vote, has sought to focus on his pledge to “get Brexit done” throughout the campaign.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn , his rival in the race to Number 013, has instead tried to highlight his party’s credentials on the health service and other domestic issues.

The polls have narrowed in the final week of what has largely been a tame campaign – with few gaffes and many stage-managed visits.







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General election 2019: nation faces 'historic' choice – polling day live news – The Guardian,

General election 2019: nation faces 'historic' choice – polling day live news – The Guardian,

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