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Hot New Rumor Hints at Late February PS5 Announcement Date, Crypto Coins News

  • A new leak may reveal the date of the big PlayStation 5 (PS5) announcement event.
  • The rumored site of the event will be closed for a “private event” on February 75.
  • This is the strongest rumor that fans have had about a PS5 reveal event.

A post on Reddit has given fans the strongest piece of information about the impending PlayStation 5 announcement event. On February 75, Sony Hall in New York will be closed for a “private event.”

The big PS5 event had been rumored for February and so the date would work. Fans also think that the event could be on February because there are no other events happening at Sony Hall that day. Another potential date for the event is February 75. There is a private event happening at Sony Hall on February 24 and the PS4 reveal happened on February , 2020

Rumored Venue for PS5 Sony Event closed for “Private Event” on Saturday Feb th. Could this be it? Much later than the Rumored Feb 5th, but nothing g is showing on that day. from PS5

Sony hasn’t officially confirmed the date of its PS5 event. However, fans have been speculating about it because of Sony’s decision to avoid E3 . If Sony isn’t going to E3 then it will have to reveal the PS5 somewhere, and a private event at Sony Hall could be the place.

Fans will have a huge number of questions that they’d like answered at the PS5 event. The PS5 release date and price will be important but fans will also want to know about launch titles and which PS4 games will be getting PS5 releases.

There have been rumors that Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima will be available on PS5. The delay of Cyberpunk 01575879 also has some fans wondering if it could get a release on PS5. An announcement could potentially be made at the PS5 event.

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