Instagram is giving you more control over what you see and who you follow, with new update

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Dubai: Are you seeing too many Instagram posts you don’t care about? Good news, the photo-sharing app is launching an update with a new way for you to see and better manage who you follow on Instagram.

What is the update?

According to reports, the new updates allow users to have quick access and easy shortcuts to see accounts you follow and interact with more. You can then organise them by two categories.

How does this work? Go to your Instagram profile and click the ‘Following’ tab to see which accounts you’re interactign with. You’ll see a ‘Categories’ heading with two sub options: Most Shown in Feed and Least Interacted With.

The new update allows you to see which accounts you interact with more
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Click either tab, whichever you would like to start with, and you’ll get a chance to see the accounts you regularly interact with, versus those you don’t. You can then manage your notifications by clicking the three dots on the side of each user account. Once you click the three dots, you also have the option to mute the user.

The new update helps you sort out your followers on Instagram
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Addition categorising option

Once you go back to your ‘Following’ tab, you have the option to ‘Sort by Default’. If you click the arrowed icon next to it, you can sort your followers on the basis of when you followed the respective accounts – earliest to latest.

Users can then manage their accounts by deciding if they want to continue seeing content from a particular account, by clicking on the three dots next to the user in the list. Even in this option, users can mute the account as a whole, or decide if they would like to see selectve posts and stories.

Users can also sort their followers by ‘Default’, by clicking arrow button.
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Testing features

In 2019, Instagram tested removing the number of likes on posts in order to create a friendly environment online. They rolled out the change towards the end of the year.

This new category feature was also tested last year and has finally come into effect. Another recent change on the application allows users to categorise their inbox messages into ‘Privete’ or ‘General’, making it easier for users to categorise who they regularly message and vice versa.

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