Sunday , February 28 2021

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies Reportedly Share Gruesome Kobe Crash Photos – TMZ,


                           Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash                            Sheriff’s Deputies Reportedly Share Gruesome Photos                       


                                 2 / / (5:) AM PT                   




Some LA County Sheriff’s Deputies shared photos of the scene where

Kobe Bryant , his daughter, Gigi , and 7 others lost their lives … and the photos included remains from the gruesome aftermath … this according to a new report.    It’s not clear who took the photos, but it was being talked about by first responders just 2 days after the crash, this according to the LA Times.    And, according to the report, at least one LA County Sheriff’s official had the photos on his cellphone “in a setting that had nothing to do with the investigation.”    The report does not say who took the photos and how many deputies and officials at the Sheriff’s Dept. saw or shared the photos.    The Sheriff’s Dept. contacted families of all of the victims Wednesday … an official told The Times the reason for contacting them was not because of the allegation but rather because there was a media inquire over the allegation.    The Sheriff’s Department would only say, “The matter is being looked into.”   

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