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Love Island’s Amy Hart reveals ITV intervened when she tried to ‘control’ her food intake – Evening Standard,




Love IslandcontestantAmy Harthas revealed how ITV producers stepped in to make her eat when she started to “control” her diet in the villa.


The reality star, 26, said that she had mental health issues in the past and used to manage her food intake as a “control thing. ”


She lost her appetite after being dumped by Curtis Pritchard during her stint on the ITV2 show, but producers intervened to ensure she was eating enough.


“I have had mental health issues in the past but I was reluctant to accept it,” she toldHeatmagazine.



        Break-up: Hart revealed she lost her appetite after she split from CurtisPritchard(ITV)       


“I didn’t admit that I had anxiety until a couple of years after I first started my job flying at British Airways. *********                                                                                                                                                 

“My previous anxiety issues manifested within food. I would order the biggest dinner you’ve ever seen and take one bite and start shaking, crying and saying I can’t eat this anymore.


“I felt like I wasn’t in control of the rest of my life – I was convinced I was going to get sacked, so food was my control thing.”


She added: “I lost a stone in my first six months in BA, and when Curtis finished with me I wasn’t hungry and wanted to control my [diet] again, but ITV stepped in and made me eat as the psych was watching me all the time. ”


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Hart recalled how one member of welfare staff “would get into bed with me and just stroke my head and talk to me ”when she was feeling low following the break-up, adding that she still speaks to her“ on the phone twice a week. ”


“We’ve been given 18 months of sessions as mandatory from ITV and then we can have more if we want them afterwards, ”she said of the show’s aftercare process.


“I’m very unorganised and busy at the moment so I let my psych sessions go and [my welfare representative] ended up phoning my manager and saying, ‘We need to get a date in Amy’s diary when she’s free ‘, so they are really on it. ”


ITV released arevised duty of care process in May, confirming that all contestants will be offered “enhanced psychological support” before and after filming.


With additional reporting by Press Association. For more information on mental health support, UK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



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