Man filmed himself preparing noose to hang girlfriend with –, Metro

Man filmed himself preparing noose to hang girlfriend with –, Metro

A man who filmed himself attacking his partner on CCTV has been jailed for 11 Years.

Stefan Carr, 28, can be seen on the video taking a length of rope as a noose.

He acted out a mock hanging on girlfriend Bethany Marchant, as well as punching her and threatening her with a knife.

She eventually persuaded him to take her to hospital but after driving a short distance he threatened to drive the car into a reservoir, drowning them both, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.

Carr, of Carlyle Crescent, Castleford, West Yorkshire, admitted the sustained attack on dance teacher Ms Marchant on 5 May.

He pleaded guilty to attempted grievous bodily harm and two earlier assaults against a former lover.

Leeds Crown Court heard the attack on Ms Marchant began at Carr’s home in Carlyle Crescent.

The couple had arrived home at 1. 30 am and a long argument escalated into a sustained series of attacks on Ms Marchant.

Carr pushed her from room to room, attacking her in various ways.

At one point he created a noose out of a length of rope and lifted her off the ground.

The incident came to an end after the victim was able to flee from the suspect after he had forced her into a van parked outside.

Officers arrived at the scene after being called by a neighbor and arrested Carr.

The court heard Carr assaulted Ms Marchant whilst on bail for the earlier attacks on his previous girlfriend.

In that incident jealous Carr believed she was in a new relationship. He punched his ex-partner in the face in late-autumn 2018, and in January 2019 he attempted to suffocate her.

After Carr was sentenced Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa Rolfe, Senior Investigating Officer in the case, said: ‘Carr subjected his victim to a lengthy and terrifying ordeal and we welcome his sentencing at Leeds Crown Court today.

‘His victim was truly put in fear of her life by the violence of his actions, and we commend her bravery in both escaping and in supporting the prosecution against him.

‘We are glad his guilty plea has saved her the ordeal of providing evidence, but it must be noted that the strength of the case against him did in part come from Carr effectively recording and documenting his own criminal acts.

‘Hopefully his victim will now take some comfort from seeing him put behind bars.’

Bethany spoke out

She said: ‘He locked me in his home and repeatedly tortured me in the worst possible ways for three hours (luckily on CCTV which he had in his home) I truly mean when I say that If the neighbors hadn ‘t rung the police Harry would not have his mummy, my children at dancing would have lost their teacher and my family and friends would have lost their daughter, granddaughter, niece and friend, so to the neighbors: you have saved my life and I am eternity grateful. *****

‘I never thought Stefan would ever hurt me or was capable of nearly murdering me but he proved me wrong.

‘Some of you are blaming me for staying with Stefan saying I was warned etc but until you have walked in my shoes you don’t understand how manipulative he was.

‘He just completely flipped and I was so terrified, I thought that was it for me. If people weren’t good at completely fooling people there would be no domestic abuse in the world.

‘I wasn’t in an abusive relationship this was one terrible vile evil event, but unfortunately I’m not the first,

‘He had me completely fooled. I can’t even tell you how awful the past 20 weeks have been. I have battled and battled with my mind and the after affects that come with what he did to me and I’ve got a very long road to recovery but I know that my comeback will be stronger than my setback.

‘I have been diagnosed with PTSD and will admit some days have been absolutely unbearable but I’m a great actress and can hide my problems with a smile and pull myself together for Harry and my business.

‘Most of you see the confident, gobby Beth but truth is I’m broken and struggling but that’s okay because soon I’ll be back stronger than ever.

‘I don’t want sympathy and I don’t need to explain myself all I am saying is you never know what you’d do in a situation until you are faced with it.

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