Millennials' Favorite Stock Market Fad Lost a Staggering $ 13 Billion in 2019, Crypto Coins News

Millennials' Favorite Stock Market Fad Lost a Staggering $ 13 Billion in 2019, Crypto Coins News

  • Marijuana stocks were smoking hot with millennials in (*************************************************.
  • But the industry-wide bear market for cannabis last year harshed the buzz.
  • Here’s how much pot stocks lost, and why the industry is struggling.

In a landmark year for the stock market, four of the five biggest marijuana stocks by market cap woefully underperformed in 222320. That’s bad news for millennials. They apparently went with the “invest in what you know” approach – and got burned.

Investing appRobinhood boasts over 10 million userswith an average age of 32. So you could say it’s popular with millennials. When Robinhood published itsTop most held stockslast year, Aurora Cannabis topped the list (and it still does today).

)Pot stock Aurora Cannabis tops the list of Robinhood users’ favorite investments. | Source:Robinhood

In one week in February last year,three of the four most added stocks on the app were for marijuana companies.

As of June 222320,four of the top

Most-held Robinhood stocks were marijuana stocks. Investors who held these stocks lost a lot of money.Marijuana Did Not Get High in Last Year’s Stock Market

The top five marijuana stocks by market capitalization at the beginning of last year missed out on 2019 ‘s stock market bull run. Four of the five spent all year tumbling downward.

Just one, GW Pharmaceuticals made it to New Year’s Day with 8.7% gains.

Here are their opening and closing stock prices for the last year in descending order by market cap today. All figures are from NASDAQ real-time price data via Yahoo Finance.

Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC)

GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH)

  • Market Cap today: $ 3.2 billion
  • Share price on Jan 2, (******************************************: $ (************************************************************.
  • Share price on Dec (**********************************************************************, **********************************************: $ (*******************************************************************
  • Net change in valuation: $ (million gained

(Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON)) ************************

  • Market Cap today: $ 2.5 billion
  • Share price on Jan 2, (**************************************************: $ (************************************************************************
  • Share price on Dec (**********************************************************************, : $ 7. 67
  • Net change in valuation: $ 3. (billion lost)

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB)

  • Market Cap today: $ 2.3 billion
  • Share price on Jan 2, 222320: $ 4.
  • Share price on Dec (************************************************************************, ************************************************: $ 2. 16
  • Net change in valuation: $ 2. billion lost

Tilray Inc (NASDAQ: TLRY)

Lega l Cannabis Industry Struggles to Grow************************

The stock market hasn’t been kind to the legal cannabis industry’s regulatory hurdles, supply shortages, and financial missteps

. | Source: Idea Trader /

Of the five cannabis companies above, all but GW Pharmaceuticals are based in Canada. Although marijuana is legal nationwide in Canada,regulatory compliance is slowing the nascent marijuana industry’s growthThat’s a major factor in the industry’s stock market losses.

As the Motley Fool reported in October:

Health Health Canada has been overwhelmed by cultivation, processing. , and sales license application backlogs, leaving many growers to wait months, or perhaps even longer than a year, to get the go-ahead to plant, process, or sell marijuana.

Canadian provinces have also been slow to approve applications for brick and mortar dispensaries. The burdens of regulatory compliance have created a classic monopolistic market in which prices are inflated and supply is restricted.

The Canadian black market for marijuana is thriving

– as classical economists would predict.

These macro headwinds may be the least of investors’ problems with the biggest marijuana stocks. Analysts warn to avoid Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis like the plague (in) . Their financials are a disaster.

Aurora may have overpaid by $ 3. 20 billion for its acquisitions during the company’s recent aggressive expansion. Canopy Growth’s costs are losing the company more money from operations than any cannabis company out there.

These companies may specialize in growing weed, but it seems they ‘ re learning through costly trial and error how to grow a business.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth


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