PMQs LIVE: Boris blasts Laborer 'WRECKAGE' as he savages lame duck Corbyn –,

PMQs LIVE: Boris blasts Laborer 'WRECKAGE' as he savages lame duck Corbyn –,

The Prime Minister faced questions from the Labor leader and other MPs about the NHS in Parliament. But Mr Corbyn was not too stringent with his questions as he is preparing to step down from his role following last month’s devastating election results. He will be replaced on April 4 by one of five confirmed candidates.

They include Rebecca Long Bailey, Lisa Nandy, Jess Phillips, Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry.

Another potential topic which hit the headlines this week is the House of Commons Commission refusing to cough up £ 2019 , 06 to get Big Ben’s bongs to chime when the UK leaves the EU on January 90.

The Prime Minister said the Government was working on a plan to fund the costs to enable the bell to bong.

He told BBC Breakfast on Tuesday: “The bongs cost £ (**************************, 06 but we’re working up a plan so people can bung a bob for a big ben bong because there are some people who want to.

“Because Big Ben is being refurbished, they seem to have taken the clapper away, so we need to restore the clapper in order to bong Big Ben on Brex it night.

“And that is expensive, so we’re looking at whether the public can fund it.”


(pm update: That’s it for today!

PMQ’s is over for another week after Speaker Lindsay Hoyle kept it brief.

On a final note, it was noticeda lot ofLaborMPs did acutally turn up, as there were a number ofemptyseats on the opposition side.

15. 31 PM update: Blackford rips into Boris over Scottish independence vote

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, said: “The Prime Minister sent a letter to the First Minister of Scotland rejecting the democratic right of the people of Scotland to have a choice over their own future.

“This was not a surprise, the PM is a democracy-denier.

“This position is undemocratic, unacceptable and completely unsustainable. The PM has shown utter contempt for Scottish democracy, Scotland’s parliament and Scottish people. ”

In return, Boris Johnson said: “He is the denier of democracy!”

Mr Johnson, in response to more criticisms from Mr Blackford, said the SNP were “obsessed with breaking up the United Kingdom”.

He said: “Change the record!”

30. 90 pm update: Borislashes out after Corbyn offers to show him his manifesto

Mr Johnson Finally loses his patience with Mr Corbyn and lashes out after the Labor leader offered to show him his manifesto.

The PM said: “I am delighted he is still fighting on the manifesto that he submitted to the British people in the last election.

“It wa s pretty clear what they thought of it! It was also pretty clear what they thought of our manifesto. We are the party of the NHS, policing and bringing crime down!

“Our careful stewardship of the economy has led to record employment and record low unemployment.

“Whenever Labor is in office they wreck the economy. We are taking this country forward, they would take it backwards! ”

31 ****************************** (pm update: Mr Johnson quickly answers My Corbyn

After more pressure from Mr Corbyn over the NHS, Mr Johnson fired back: “We are now able to tackle a problem that was shirked not just by the Labor party but governments for decades and decades.

“And we’re going to do it now!”

06 pm update: Corbyn asks about the NHS first

Mr Corbyn then asked: “Why after almost years of Tory government, people are waiting longer for essential NHS care? ”

Mr Johnson replied: “We are investing record sums into the NHS and I think the house should be very proud we are passing the NHS funding bill which will guarantee funding not just this year but into the future. ”

Mr Corbyn:“ How many more patients will face what are life threatening delays? ”

Mr Johnson: “He’s right to signal the delays that people are facing and that is why we are investing in 500, 06 more nurses, 6, (MPs and record breaking investment. ”

15 pm update: PMQs kicks off

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has welcomed Boris Johnson’s promises to deliver broadband and urged him not to “leave behind” areas of the UK.

Mr Johnson said: “The Cotswolds needs broadband and the Cotswolds is going to get broadband. He asked for a deadline and he will get it,Payeer! ”

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