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Republic of Ireland v Denmark: Euro 2020 qualifying – live! – The Guardian,

Ireland chucked ye olde kitchen sinkat that one, but Denmark snaffled a goal with a rare foray forward and from there the home side had the proverbial mountain to climb. Several Irish players are on the turf at the end of the game, while Denmark go to celebrate their qualification forEuro 2020with their fans.

One thing, though: Philippe’s got a point here:

Philippe Auclair(@ PhilippeAuclair)

4 ” minimum ‘added time in #IRLDEN. * Then * Schmeichel is booked for time-wasting. Yet the referee blows whistle at precisely 90 4. Not that it would have changed much, but this is … irritating.

November 18, 2019

Final score: Republic of Ireland 1-1 Denmark

90 4 mins:It’s all over! An excellent, rousing second-half performance from the Irish, but it’s the play-offs for them!

90 3 mins:Schmeichel takes a ludicrous amount of time over the goal kick, and as the referee books him for timewasting the keeper is hit on the head by a cigarette lighter thrown from the crowd. After some angry gesticulation, he plays on.

***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 2 mins:Schmeichel hares out of his goal to claim a lofted cross but doesn’t! The ball bounces through to Stevens, who gets a bit overexcited and slams a shot high from a crazy angle.

90 1 mins:There will be four minutes of stoppage time.Can they?It starts with Doherty thumping a crossfield pass straight into touch.

90 mins:It’s not a great corner, and though

89 mins:McGoldrick’s excellent cross is turned behind. Another corner!

87 mins:Denmarkbreak, and a ball from the left bounces conveniently off Poulsen, who fell over at the crucial moment, to Eriksen. His first-time shot hits a defender, probably in the arm, but the referee waves play on!

Doherty celebrates.
Doherty celebrates. Photograph: John Sibley / Action Images / Reuters


GOAL! Republic of Ireland 1-1 Denmark (Doherty, 85 mins)

Ireland crank up the pressure, playing a succession of balls into the area thatDenmarkcan’t properly clear. Finally, they produce a zinger. Stevens clips one to the far post, and Doherty slams his header into the ground and into the net!

Matthew Doherty fires a header into the net!
Matthew Doherty fires a header into the net! Photograph: John Sibley / Action Images / Reuters

Updated (at 4.) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* (PM EST)

84 mins:Denmark make their final change, bringing Christensen on for Schone.

83 mins:McClean’s 25 – yarder rolls through to Schmeichel. Ireland are working up a nice head of steam here, but still no clear chances.

82 mins:Ireland bring Sean Maguire on for Whelan . The corner drops inside the six-yard box, but not at the foot of an Irishman.

81 mins:McGoldrick totally mistimes a header and shoulders the ball over the bar. The referee for some reason gives Ireland a corner.

81 mins:Ten minutes to play here, and Ireland need two goals. They do not look likely to get them, but then it only takes a second etc and so forth.

79 mins:Meanwhile in Palermo it’s Italy 9-1 Armenia, and with 10 minutes to go there’s a double-figure scoreline in the air.

mins:The referee gives a foul against James McClean, who is so furious about it he ends up with a yellow card as well.

GOAL! Republic of Ireland 0-1 Denmark (Braithwaite, 73 mins)

From nowhere, a goal for Denmark! It’s a lovely left-footed, right-wing cross from Dalsgaard, and Braithwaite breaks the offside trap as the defense snoozes, sprints clear and flings out a leg to touch it past Randolph!

Martin Braithwaite flings his leg out to score the opener!
Martin Braithwaite flings his leg out to score the opener! Photograph: Catherine Ivill / Getty Images


72 mins:Chance for Denmark! It’s their best passing move of the game, which ends with Dolberg being played through. Doherty, who is having an excellent game, gets back to nick the ball away from him, at which he flings himself to the turf in search of a penalty, which he doesn’t get.

67 mins:Half a chance for McGoldrick! He’s picked out by Stevens ’cross from the left, but his control isn’t good enough. No matter, the ball bounces back to him off a defender, but he spoons his half-volley high!

65 mins:They can’t make anything from it.Denmarkare resolute, but really disarmingly short of ideas and quality.

65 mins:A better couple of minutes for the Danes ends with Ireland breaking forward and winning another corner.

60 mins:McGoldrick does well to win Ireland another corner. Eriksen has barely touched the ball since half-time.

58 mins:Doherty’s nice run and pass leftwards creates a fine crossing opportunity for McClean, which he emphatically fails to grasp.

56 mins:And now it’s Gibraltar 0-3 Switzerland, Christian Fassnacht further extending the Swiss lead in the 57 th minute.

55 mins:Whelan slides in to take the ball just ahead of Strygar Larsen, but follows through to take out the player as well and is booked.

51 mins :Ireland have started this half excellently.

James McClean and Ciaran Clark just fail to meet Hourihane’s cross.
James McClean and Ciaran Clark just fail to meet Hourihane’s cross. Photograph: John Sibley / Action Images / Reuters


49 mins:Ireland have already had more corners in this half than in the last one. From their first, Clark’s header is deflected over the bar. From the second, played short, Hourihane’s lovely ball in bounces across goal, just past two desperately-outflung Irish boots and away to safety!


47 mins:Poulsen takes out McClean on the left, and Ireland have a chance to whip a tasty ball into a crowded penalty area. But when the delivery comes, it’s poor.

46 mins:Peeeeeeep! Ireland are 45 minutes, one goal and a clean sheet away from (Euro) .

The players are back outand ready for half two . Ireland are making a change, bringing Ciaran Clark on for John Egan.

“It’s an engaging enoughdrama so far, but when do or die is substituted with do or do it again, it lacks a certain edge, ”writes Justin Kavanagh. “The Romans had it right: Kill the lion or be his lunch!” It’s certainly tempting to wonder how much better this match might be in a world without play-offs.

Half time: Republic of Ireland 0-0 Denmark

45 3 mins:The referee decides not to bother with the full three bonus minutes, and understandably. It is, for now, over.

45 2 mins:Hourihane’s corner is headed back out to him. He passes back to Whelan, whose lovely dipping, curling cross is onlyjusttoo high for Duffy at the back stick. Goal kick.

Shane Duffy just fails to connect at the back post.
Shane Duffy just fails to connect at the back post. Photograph: Eóin Noonan / Sportsfile / Getty Images


45 1 mins:There will be three bonus minutes at the end of the first half. Ireland celebrate this by winning their first corner.

45 mins:Ireland concede a free kick, from whichDenmarkconcede a free kick.

43 mins:Another shot! This time it’s from McGoldrick’s right boot, but Ireland’s shots are coming from further and further away from goal, and their aim becoming less and less true.

39 mins:Braithwaite pings a crossfield pass from left to right. Sadly there’s no Dane within 15 yards of it when it lands. Ireland throw-in. “I’m interested in how possession stats are calculated when no one knows how to control a football,” asks Philip Maddock. “Does time in the air count?”

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