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“Rioters Are From Outside,” Says Arvind Kejriwal On Delhi Violence – NDTV News,

'Rioters Are From Outside,' Says Arvind Kejriwal On Delhi Violence

Arvind Kejriwal said inform the police if outsiders are coming in to destroy peace.

New Delhi:

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to the people of Delhi to maintain peace, and said neither the Hindus nor the Muslims benefited from the violence in the northeastern part of the national capital. Addressing the assembly on the issue today, he said political elements and outsiders are responsible for the clashes in which People, including a police constable, were killed.

“Everyone has suffered losses in the riots. Over 26 have been killed. Both Hindus and Muslims have died in the riots. Police were also killed. I have a list of those injured in the violence. Hindus and Muslims have both been injured, both are suffering, “he said.

“Delhi now has two options: Either people can come together and help make the situation better or they can hit and kill one another. Modern Delhi cannot be built on a pile of dead bodies. Enough is enough. Politics of hate, of riots, of burning homes won’t be tolerated, “he added.

Mr Kejriwal demanded that the Army be called in to control the situation and curfew should be imposed in violence-hit areas.

“Leave th e violence behind. Inform the police if outsiders are coming in to destroy peace in your area, “he appealed to the people of Delhi.

On the allegation of police complicity in violence, Mr Kejriwal said action will be taken against policemen if they are found to be helping rioters.

“When we tried to contact cops on the ground level, they said they don’t have orders from the top brass … if any policeman helped the rioters, there will be action against them, “he said.

” I want to assure people of Delhi that your lives are our responsibility. You are our responsibility … people of Delhi want to live in love. Every religion lives with a sense of brotherhood. We want to bring up our children properly, earn our daily bread and butter, “he added.

Over 200 people were injured in the violence that started four days ago as a clash between people for and against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Shops, houses and a petrol pump have been set ablaze by armed mobs.

Mr Kejriwal, who had yesterday met Home Minister Amit Shah to review the situation, today said police were not able to control violence.

“I have been in touch with large number of people the whole night. The situation is alarming. Police, despite all its efforts, are unable to control situation and instil confidence. Army should be called in and curfew imposed in rest of the affected areas immediately, “he tweeted this morning.

In the evening Mr Kejriwal visited the officer of Deputy Commissioner of Police in office in northeast Delhi, an hour after NSA Ajit Doval’s visit.

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