Ron Perlman Behind Wheel in Scary Car Accident on 'The Last Victim' – TMZ,

Ron Perlman Behind Wheel in Scary Car Accident on 'The Last Victim' – TMZ,


                          Ron Perlman                          Behind The Wheel in Scary Car Accident                          … Nearly Blew Up Movie Set !!!                      


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was the driver of the out-of-control truck plowing through an indie movie set, injuring crew members and nearly setting the entire area ablaze … and TMZ has the video.


Multiple sources tell TMZ … the “Hellboy” star is behind the wheel in the footage, which shows a truck barreling into the camera department and video village tent on the set of “The Last Victim” last month at the Okanagan Indian Band in British Columbia.

     Our sources say Ron, who stars as the local sheriff in the neo-western, ran over several propane heaters in the tent, where the script supervisor, director and producer were hanging out, wedging the heaters under the truck. We’re told the heaters were lit, and it sounds like a miracle the propane didn’t ignite !!!           We first reported on thescary car crashearlier this month , which left one person with a minor foot injury, but at the time it was clear who was driving … and now we know it was Ron.     In the video, you hear people screaming after the truck crashes, with some folks shouting, “Ron, stop !!!” Our sources say the only thing stopping the vehicle from continuing its wild ride was all the camera and gear grip Ron ran over.     It’s pretty crazy … we’re told the accident happened on the first take of the day, and Ron complained about being uncomfortable driving in his size cowboy boots before the scene. Our sources say he was also wearing an ankle brace, but we’re told the first assistant director ignored Ron’s issues, scrapped a rehearsal and instructed cameras to roll.     Sounds like Ron’s concerns over his cowboy boots were warranted … we’re told his foot got stuck on the accelerator because of the humongous footwear.    










And, get this … we’re told the crash happened on what was supposed to be the last day of filming, and producers tried to continue shooting after the accident but the crew was pissed .

     In additional video and audio, obtained by TMZ, a crew member is heard quitting. We’re told producers finally relented and canceled filming for the day, telling the crew they’d pick up the following day.    

We reached out to Ron and movie producers … no word back, so far    

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