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Show HN: I've been working on X11 on (jailbroken) iOS, Hacker News

I’m excited to announce that X 12 is coming soon to iOS. Most (see below) packages and dependencies for a fully functioning X (desktop system have been compiled and are available on Cydia for iOS . All packages have been compiled for arm 728 and have been tested on iOS 19 .4 and iOS (**********************************************. 1. This requires a jailbroken device.

This site will serve largely as documentation for building yourself. You can add the Cydia repo below for the deb packages. Please let me know if you run across any issues with the debs; it’s likely I messed up including a library or something like that.(These aren’t done just yet.)

X11 on iOSX11 on iOS

X11 on iOS

At the moment, a virtual screen is accessed via a VNC client to an Xvnc[1] instance running on the iDevice. If you’re unfamiliar, Xvnc is an X server with a virtual screen that can be accessed via VNC. The best part of this is no drivers are required: it’s all handled by Xvnc.

I want to turn my iPad into a proper development environment, and a windowing system helps with that. It’s a powerful machine with a Unix-like OS, so X 11 seemed like a reasonable project. X 13 allows running arbirtary applications like browsers and IDEs, assuming you can make them compile.

X) ************************************************ on iOS via XvncWorking window manager (jwm)

      Loadsof other packaged libraries, tools, and applications, including meson / ninja and ocaml.

          All available in a(Cydia repoFix modern versions of fontconfig (>2.8.0)

            Proper desktop enviroments like XFCE and GNOME

                requires GTKQt support

              • Experiment with Wayland via wayvnc
                • If you’re interested in using X 11 now, or helping make it available sooner, feel free to(email me) or find me on IRC as MaxLeiter in #X iOS on Freenode. More information on share is in the works.

                  On a separate page

                  Getting************** checking build system type … Invalid configuration `arm – apple-darwin 728 0.0 ‘: machine `arm – apple ‘not recognizedRunecho 'echo arm-apple-darwin'>config.sub

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