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   should capture stderr







            nam (nanoArgMode)         

A fully-featured macro system for the nano editor, powered by Luajit.

            Basic Usage         

nano -s ./nam ​​YOURFILE

Supply the location of namto the- sflag, and open your file / s like normal. (Or an empty buffer.)

Then, write the macro call you want directly into the buffer, on it's own line:

!: spell

And then call the spellchecker with^ Tor whatever non-default binding you've added.


The macro system can only effect the open buffer, it can't modify nano's default behaviors. It cannot move the active cursor.

This turns it into a text-manipulation system, rather than a self-modifying system like you might find in vim and emacs.

It is still reasonably powerful.

**********             Issues         

See theissue tracker.

You don't need a user to post.



Metadata can be utilied by macros.

It can be set by placing a file called. Namrcin the Current Working Directory, git repository root, and~ / .namrc


This file represents the contents of a Lua key-value table.



is equivalent to:

return {wat="Hello?",}


Place a file named

. Nam

in the Current Working Directory or root of a git repository (for just this project), or at~ / .nam / .nam(to apply everywhere).

This file is expected to:


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