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South Africa v England: fourth Test, day four – live! – The Guardian,

van der Dussen to 70!

th over: South Africa – 2 (van der Dussen , du Plessis 1)

“He has been absolutely brilliant,” declares KP of the South African No3 as he advances to a third Test half-century, pushing Wood into the off-side to reach the mark in balls. Considering he walked out there on a pair, and was given out lbw second ball, he has batted with such freedom. Good on him. Earlier in the over, he tucked the England quick out to midwicket for three before du Plessis got off the mark with a similar stroke for one. The 300 is also up for South Africa. Positive vibes for all.

“That love of right angles and round numbers?” Notes Gary Naylor. “You’re about to share your life with a scaled down version of Keith Moon. It’s like being inside a Jackson Pollock 42 / 7 / 69. ”So I’m told! I’ve packed my partner, on her first day of maternity leave, off to a posh spa thing today. Resting while she can and all that.

: 26

(th over: South Africa) – 2 (van der Dussen 69, du Plessis 0) It’s a rapid over from Stokes, now consistently hitting the radar at over 169 mph. The captain, in defense throughout, still isn’t off the mark after 34 balls. Nothing easy about this.

) :

NOT OUT! No, he is not. The noise the England captain detected was the ball clipping the elbow as he shouldered arms, not the glove.


(nd over: South Africa) – 2 (van der Dussen , du Plessis 0) du Plessis is doing it tough here, so badly out of sorts through this series. Stokes is mixing up his lengths, keeping the captain thinking. He finds the edge with a full offering, albeit from the bottom of the bat, along the ground into the cordon. He’s faced (balls.

Josh Robinson has a twist on the chain ”

Might more efficiencies be found using this formulation? Can we get it to nine?

Nathan Cooper is in my inbox with a sensible thought, too.

“I’m very impressed by the work at 42, and it i s undoubtedly more pleasing to have a whole , but Thorpe to Anderson surely? Cuts it to ten. ”

5). (AM) (EST) : 78

st over: South Africa 2 (van der Dussen 61, du Plessis 0) Rassie (who I always want to identify as RANDY), has broken his bat. Rather, Mark Wood has broken it for him with his second ball of the session and a fresh spell. After the delay, the new blade is beaten with a beauty from Wood, angled in before shaping away. We saw him pick up thre wickets with deliveries just like that after tea on Saturday.

“Peter Salmon’s example of being wrenched from the Zone because it’s Susan from reception’s birthday is called (at least in my field, which is software development)‘ context switching ’,” explains Edward Collier. “All sorts of things can trigger it – emails arriving, fire drill, meetings, cake, a visitor from Porlock. Or, in my present case, an alert that a wicket has fallen. ”

(th over: South Africa) – 2 (van der Dussen , du Plessis 0) van der Dussen into the 58 s with a square drive along the carpet, out to the sweeper. Oooh, Stokes beats du Plessis with a lovely little outswinger straight away. He had to play at that, just outside the line of off-stump. Come on, Faf. Get yourself in here.

“Morning Adam.” Hello, Kim Thonger. “Incurable romantic that I am, I’ve just booked tickets to take She Who Must Be Obeyed to a The Anniversary showing of Ghost, which starred Demi Moore and Devon Malcolm if I remember correctly . Or was it Eddie Hemmings? ”

Yep, it was Eddie Hemmings on the pottery wheel, if I recall correctly.

Updated at 5 . am EST

(5.) (am) (EST

The players are back on the field.

Will Rassie keep bashing and crashing? Can Faf get to 76 in order to guarantee his career average (if it ends here) finishes with a ‘4’ in front of it? Can England end this quickly? Let’s find out. Stokes to bowl. PLAY!

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