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The best smartphone ever is at all-time low price in rare pre-Black Friday deal – TechRadar, TechRadar

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

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If you were waiting forBlack Fridayto buy a great new mobile, your treat may have come a little early, because the (Samsung Galaxy S) and (Galaxy S) Plus, two phones that top our list ofthe best smartphones, are now reduced on Amazon.

The Galaxy S 10 is now available for prices that are between 19% and 23% lower, depending on what combination of color and storage size you opt for. These new prices are the lowest we’ve seen the phone available for, narrowly beating a sale from earlier in November.

(The S) shares a spot with the S 10 Plus on our top list because it’s very similar to its bigger sibling, just with a single rather than dual-lens selfie camera and a smaller screen, amongst other minor differences. It’s for people who don’t need all the screen space of the bigger phone, especially now it has a mid-range price tag. (The Samsung Galaxy S) Plus is the true top phone of the year, with plenty of rear cameras, a beautiful huge screen and a whole host of premium features. If you’re looking for an incredible Android device and money is no object, it’s generally been the go-to device.

The savings aren’t as great on this – the prices are now lower than they’ve ever been, but not all models are available, with no 1TB storage space models discounted and only one of the middling 512 GB options. All the 128 GB versions are more affordable though, with reductions of between 15% and 19%.

TechRadar is scouring every retailer and rounding up all the top deals over the Black Friday period, and we’ve put all the bestBlack Friday dealsandCyber ​​Monday dealsin easy-to-navigate arti cles to help you find the bargains you’re looking for.

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