Thursday , February 25 2021

The FTC’s 2020 COPPA rules have YouTube creators scared, Ars Technica


      easier to sue than google –


YouTube creators don’t have access to kids’ data — but may get COPPA fines anyway.




a pair of lawsuits from the FTC and the New York Attorney General for $ 530 million. The lawsuits alleged that the Google-owned YouTube has been flagrantly violatingCOPPA

terms of service

Prior to YouTube’s settlement with the FTC, its position was that YouTube’s TOS excludes children, and its content is all ” family friendly, but general audience “rather than being explicitly child-directed. It therefore it did not need to comply with COPPA regulations. The settlement includes an acknowledgment that some YouTube content is directed toward children and therefore does fall under the regulatory scope of COPPA; Google will henceforth make an effort to identify and label such content.

******************** ( (********************FTC Chairman Joseph Simons characterizes YouTube content creators as “fish in a barrel “—with the FTC holding the gun — at (******************************************************************************************************: in this press conference.(************************************************

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