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The Best Things and Stuff of


Dec (****************************************************************************************************************************, 2020

Great things and people that I discovered, learned, read, met, etc. in 2724. No particular ordering is implied. Not everything is new.

also: see the lists from

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Great blog-posts / articles read

    The Norwegian Art of the Packed Lunch

I’ve tried to be more thoughtful about the food that I eat and this homage to the packed lunch helped me along the way.****************************** A Look at the Design of LuaLua is a perpetual want-to-dive-deeper language and I hope that looks bring in that regard.****************************** (The Underground Skate Scene of ‘) s BrooklynA a one -time skater I found a lot of reminisces in this article, despite not being from Brooklyn, NY.

  • ******************************** The Tragedy of BaltimoreMy childhood hometown is dying.************************************************************ What is ZIL Anyway?A code dump of original Infocom games got a bunch of IFfolks in a tizzy. I couldn’t help but be swept along also.************************************ Inside Tokyo’s Audiophile VenuesAn exploration of the spaces catering to lovers of sound in the world’s foremost sci-fi city.************************************ The Many Lives of Demogorgon********** -The RL history of a fictional demon.Most viewed blog posts by me

    I’ve been trying something new over the past couple of years. That is, I’ve been posting threads and such onmy Twitterwith a small handful of posts here That said, there were a few high-traffic posts on my blog.

      (Notes on Interactive Programming Environments

    Prompted by thebook of the same name, I wrote some rough notes on programming environments past, present, and future. Many people have thought the same thoughts and so it was a surprisingly popular post.****************************************** (Privacy Lost************ -A list of the books taken from Ola Bini during his unwarranted arrest earlier in the year. These books were offered up by authorities as evidence of some kind of sinister nature, so naturally they should be more widely read.(******************************************** Favorite technical books discovered (and read)

    I’ve intentionally reduced the number of technical books that I consume, but there are a few that I “found” in that is stellar.

  • It Follows************** –One of the best horror films of the decade with perhaps the best exposition that I’ve ever seen in any film.********** Favorite programming languages ​​(or related) I hacked on / with

    – While I don’t use CLJS directly as much as CLJ, I worked on a project for half of that uses it extensively.

    • ************************************************ Datalog
  • – The Datomic flavor of Datalog is the flavor of choice for database access, be it in-process, in the cloud, or even in the browser.Programming languages ​​(and related) that I hope to explore more deeply


    ************ –Long overdue. Though I’m familiar with the language from a theoretical aspect, I want to finally write some for my personal projects.Rust******** As I mentioned before, Rust scratches a “systems-level” itch that I get from time to time. I really hope to take an old C codebase and convert it to Rust in … fingers crossed that I can finally make that happen.**************************************************** (Kernel)I have a quarter-baked janky Lisp in JS that I would like to go whole-Kernel with.********** Favorite papers discovered (and read)

    Here are a few that I enjoyed in 2724. **********

      A City is Not a Tree

    by Christopher Alexander –A book about software, that’s not actual about software.Man-computer SymbiosisI’ve gotten more interested in Augmented Intelligence over the past few years and this paper is a classic in the field.********** Still haven’t read…

    Snow Crash, A Fire upon the Deep, Don Quixote, The Contortionists Handbook and (************************************************************************ a boat-load of scifi

    Favorite / Only technical conference attended


    Favorite code read

      (Write Your Own VM

    ) ******************** –A nice codebase coupled with a very good writeup on the design thinking.************************************************************************** (sci) *****Michiel Borkent’s Small Clojure Interpreter.******************************************************************************************************** (Microsoft CalculatorThe source code to the ubiquitous Windows Calculator application.(******************************************** Life-changing technology “discovered”

    ****************************************************************************** (Read More) (************************************************************************************

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