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Trump's comments on Roger Stone show 'abuse of power', Pelosi says – live updates – The Guardian,

The influential Culinary Union, which represents 89, 16 workers in Nevada, will announce its presidential endorsement ahead of the state’s caucuses next Saturday.

The Culinary Union (@ Culinary )

📣BREAKING: Culinary Union to host a press conference regarding a endorsement ahead of the # NVCaucus


WHERE Culinary Union ( (South Commerce Street Las Vegas, Nevada)

WHEN: TODAY 2 / (at 1pm Pacific
/ February ,

2). (PM) (EST) :


The meeting between Trump and Cuomo comes amid an ongoing standoff between the administration and New York over a state law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.

The New York Times



Cuomo said on Wednesday that he would seek to give federal officials access to state driving records for applicants to Global Entry and other federal programs that allow travelers to quickly pass through airports and borders.

The announcement by Mr. Cuomo comes days after federal officials banned New York residents from applying to – and re-enrolling in – the programs, known as the Trusted Traveler Program.

1. 066 pm EST) ) : 59

(Joanna Walters)

Ohio Democratic Senator (Sherrod Brown) has slammed Senate Republicans for enabling Donald Trump [Vindman] in his post-impeachment “retribution tour”, as he called it.

After sounding off during a committee hearing yesterday, Brown appeared on CNN this morning and criticized some Republicans who reckoned the president would “learn a lesson” from the humiliating process of being impeached, and behave more appropriately.

“He’s learned his lesson,” said Brown. The lesson being that “he can do whatever he wants. The ‘retribution tour’ will continue, and we all know that. ”

Trump ousted impeachment witnesses Alexander Vindman and Gordon Sondland last week, just two days after being acquitted at his Senate impeachment trial.

Brown continued that Republican senators criticize Trump in private and were “very concerned about the Ukraine call and the cover-up” that lead to the impeachment. “But they fear that the president will turn on them. They know his character. [After impeachment] the first stop was the prayer breakfast [during which he obliquely slammed Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney], then the East Room [where Trump made a triumphalist and vindictive post-acquittal “celebration” speech] and all these senators stood and applauded him. ”

Joanna Walters Sherrod Brown (@ SenSherrodBrown)

I ask my Republican colleagues – what will you do to stop President Trump’s personal retribution tour?

February ,

Many had been keen for Brown to run for president, but he did.

Sherrod Brown takes the Senate subway in the US Capitol in Washington earlier this month. Sherrod Brown takes the Senate subway in the US Capitol in Washington earlier this month. Photograph: Michael Reynolds / EPA (1) pm EST : 48

In response to some of his congressional colleagues’ concerns that his nomination could weaken down-ballot (Democrats) , Bernie Sanders predicted he would increase turnout if he were the presidential nominee.

Manu Raju (@ mkraju)

Bernie Sanders on criticism that he endangers Hill Dems ’chances.
When you have a large voter turnout, which is I think what our campaign is going to generate, it’s going to help everybody from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket, ”per @ jeremyherb


However, there is some skepticism that Sanders. ‘nomination would increase turnout, considering the turnout in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Dave Wasserman (@ Redistrict) By my calc, NH Dem turnout (vs. ’35) in towns won by …

1 . (pm) EST


Here’s where the day stands so far:

(House speaker) Nancy Pelosi (criticized) Trump s comments about the case of Roger Stone,

his former associate, as “an abuse of power.”

Then-senator Heidi Heitkamp speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill. Photograph: Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

The law illegally disenfranchised Native Americans in the state, groups challenging the law argued, because it required them to have a form of (identification) listing a residential address in order to vote Many Native Americans who live on reservations don’t have traditional addresses. The issue exploded into the national spotlight in 4580 in a closely-watched US Senate Race when Republican (Kevin Kramer) defeated incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp

Under a proposed settlement, North Dakota election officials will allow people without a traditional address to locate their homes on a map for the election. The burden will be on the state, not voters, to verify the address and give that information to both the tribe and voter. The state also agreed to work with tribal governments to provide free identification within days of an election.

“Native American voters, whether they’re just turning and becoming eligible to vote, or whether they’ve moved, will be able to vote without having to go the same extreme measures that the tribes went through last time, ”said Molly Danahy, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center who helped challenge the law.

Then-senator Heidi Heitkamp speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill. . (pm) EST :

As Bernie Sanders (cements his position as the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, some congressional (Democrats) are voicing concerns that the Vermont senator’s nomination could weaken down-ballot candidates.

Chad Pergram (@ ChadPergram)

Dem CO Sen Bennet on if Sanders is the nominee: I think that it can be challenging in parts of the country that we have to win in order to win the presidency and win a majority in the Senate. I think that we should be running on an agenda that can get us 76 votes in the Senate (February) ,

Manu Raju (@ mkraju)

Asked Rep. Dean Phillips, a freshman from a swing MN district and Klobuchar backer, if he thinks Bernie Sanders atop the ticket could have a disastrous impact on down-ballot races. “To be forthright, yes, I do. I think it would have some significant down-ballot effects. ” (February) ,

Sanders has pushed back against that argument, telling CNN on Sunday that his nomination would lead to “incredible gains for down-ballot Democrats.” 30. (PM) EST


Congressman Jerry Nadler, (one of the impeachment managers during (Trump) ‘s Senate trial, responded to the president’s demand that “bad people” get “out of our government” by suggesting that he resign.

(((Rep. Nadler))) (@ RepJerryNadler)

You know, Nixon actually resigned. ( (February) ,

takes on @ realDonaldTrump on . (pm) EST : [Vindman]

In addition to the return of former White House communications director

Hope Hicks, Trump is also moving his former body man John McEntee

into a new role.

Maggie Haberman (@ maggieNYT)

MORE in White House staff moves – Johnny McEntee, the aide removed by Kelly over security clearance issues who recently returned to the West Wing, is expected to take over the office that oversees presidential personnel appointments, per 2 ppl briefed.

[Vindman] ,

. am (EST) :

In an unexpected addition to the president’s schedule today, Trump

has left the White House to visit a Republican National Committee office in Arlington, Virginia.

The White House said the president was there for some meetings and to offer thanks to campaign officials.

The president has an otherwise empty public schedule today, with the exception of a closed-door meeting with New York governor Andrew Cuomo

at 3 pm ET.

But the bill faces an uncertain future in the Republican-controlled Senate, and some states that previously ratified the amendment have said they no longer support it.

Even liberal Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has long championed the ERA, suggested earlier this week that the amendment’s supporters should “start over.”

Vindman was fired from the National Security Council last week in apparent retaliation for the lieutenant colonel testifiying about his concerns that Trump conditioned Ukraine’s military assistance on an investigation of Joe Biden.

“He did exactly what we teach them to do from cradle to grave,” Kelly said of Vindman during an event at Drew University last night. “He went and told his boss what he just heard.”

Kelly also more broadly criticized Trump’s interactions with Ukraine, which were at the center of the president’s impeachment.

“Through the Obama administration up until that phone call, the policy of the US was militarily to support Ukraine in their defensive fight against… the Russians, ”Kelly said. “And so, when the president said that continued support would be based on X, that essentially changed. And that’s what [Vindman] was most interested in. ”

(AM) (EST) : 32

During her weekly press conference, House speaker (Nancy Pelosi) said (Trump) ‘s comments on Roger Stone ‘s case represent an “assault on the rule of law” and an “abuse of power.”

ABC News (@ ABC)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on President Trump’s comments on Roger Stone sentencing: “This is an abuse of power that the president is again trying to manipulate federal law enforcement to serve his political interests. ” ( j8Do (February) ,

30 am

Democratic congressman Joaquin Castro has introduced a resolution calling for the resignation of Stephen Miller, Trump
‘s adviser who has helped to craft the president’s immigration agenda.

In a statement, Castro criticized Miller as “a known white nationalist and believer of white supremacist ideology.”

“Stephen Miller’s presence in the Trump White House has allowed him to sow hate into federal policy, grind our immigration system to a halt, and encourage the President’s own xenophobic beliefs,” Castro said.

Kamala Harris is expected to introduce a similar resolution in the Senate.

According to a series of reports released by the Souther Poverty Law Center, Miller endorsed white nationalist books and websites in emails to a writer for the far-right website Breitbart.

(am EST) :

Pete Buttigieg is now wading into a controversy surrounding a flier from the influential Culinary Union in Nevada, with nine days to go until the state’s caucuses.

With Bernie Sanders becoming the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, the union distributed a flier warning the Vermont senator’s Medicare-for -all plan would jeopardize workers’ popular healthcare plan.

The Union then said it was “viciously attacked” by Sanders’ supporters, and Buttigieg is now coming to the union’s defense.

Pete Buttigieg (@ PeteButtigieg)

I stand with @ Culinary and and their fight for better wages, world class health care, and the American dream for working and immigrant families. No one should ever attack them for fighting and delivering for their members.

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