Trump's top Russia official to reportedly confirm Taylor's account of quid pro quo – live – The Guardian,

Trump's top Russia official to reportedly confirm Taylor's account of quid pro quo – live – The Guardian,

Lauren Gambino

“This resolution sets the stage for the next phase of our investigation, one in which the American people have the opportunity to hear from the witnesses first-hand,” House intelligence chairmanAdam Schiffsaid in a floor speech ahead of the vote . “We will continue to conduct this inquiry with the seriousness of purpose that our task deserves because it is our duty and because no one is above the law.”

Nancy Pelosiopened her remarks on the House floor by reading the “most beautiful lines in our country history” – the introduction to the US constitution.

The House speaker urged support for the resolution by citing a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who, when asked if the Founders had created a republic or a monarchy, is believed to have responded: “A republic if you can keep it. ”


Nancy Pelosiis now talking to reporters in her weekly press conference, saying that it is a “sad day” when lawmakers have to vote on an impeachment measure.

The House speaker added that no decision had yet been made on whether members of her caucus would eventually supportTrump‘s impeachent.

Rebecca Kaplan(@ RebeccaRKaplan)

“As the inquiry proceeds, we’ll decide whether we’ll go forward with impeachment. decision has not yet been made, “@ SpeakerPelosisays at her weekly press conference ahead of a the vote on the impeachment resolution.

October 31, 2019

However, it seems highly likely that the Democratic-controlled House will soon vote to impeach the president.

Nancy Pelosiframed the impeachment resolution, and the inquiry more broadly, as a measure to defend the principles of the US constitution.

ABC News(@ ABC)

Pelosi: ” This Constitution is the blueprint for our republic — and not a monarchy.

“But when we have a president who says Article Two says I can do whatever I want, that is in defiance of the separation of powers. That’s not what our Constitution says. “https: //

October 31, 2019

The House speaker said: “What is at stake in all of this is nothing less than our democracy. ”

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Pelosi speaks on House floor before impeachment vote

Nancy Pelosiis now speaking on the House floor about the impeachment resolution, arguing the measure will enable lawmakers to find the truth about the allegations againstTrump.

Kelly O’Donnell(@ KellyO)

.@ SpeakerPelosiaddressing the House chamber and stressing the seriousness of the vote to move the impeachment inquiry to the next, more public

(October) , 2019

Standing beside an American flag poster, the House speaker said: “This is a solemn occasion. … I doubt anybody in this place or anybody that you know … comes to Congress to impeach the president of the United States unless his actions are jeopardizing honoring our oath of office. ”

More impeachment depositions scheduled for Monday

HouseDemocratshave scheduled four depositions on Monday as they look to wrap up the closed-door interviews in the impeachment inquiry and advance to public hearings.

Manu Raju(@ mkraju)

Busy Monday before impeachment investigators

– John Eisenberg, National Security Council attorney

– Robert Blair, Mulvaney deputy

– Michael Ellis, Eisenberg deputy

– Brian McCormack, OMB official and former DOE chief

Uncertain if they will all definitely show

(October) , 2019

It remains unknown whether the officials will comply with the interview requests, given that the White House still refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

However, if the depositions were to occur,John Eisenberg’stestimonycould prove particularly damaging forTrump.The White House lawyer was reportedly the person who proposed the unusual move of placing the transcript of theUkrainecall in a secure server.

The Washington Postreportedyesterday:

Moments after President Trump ended his phone call with Ukraine’s president on July 25, an unsettled national security aide rushed to the office of White House lawyer John Eisenberg.

Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine adviser at the White House, had been listening to the call and was disturbed by the pressure Trump had applied to Ukrainian PresidentVolodymyr Zelenskyto investigate his political rivals, according to people familiar with Vindman’s testimony to lawmakers this week.

Vindman told Eisenberg, the White House’s legal adviser on national security issues, that what the president did was wrong, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

Scribbling notes on a yellow legal pad, Eisenberg proposed a step that other officials have said is at odds with long-standing White House protocol: moving a transcript of the call to a highly classified server and restricting access to it, according to two people familiar with Vindman’s account.

HouseDemocratsappear largely unified in support of the resolution outlining next steps in the impeachment inquiry.

Only two members of the House Democratic caucus –Colin Petersonof Minnesota andJeff Van Drewof New Jersey – were expected to vote against the resolution.

Sarah Ferris(@ sarahnferris)

Dem leaders expect to lose just two votes: Colin Peterson (whose district went for Trump 30 in 2016) and Jeff Van Drew (Trump 5)https: // t .co / Y0EXilCDCn

(October) , 2019

However, HouseRepublicanswere also expected to be unified in opposition to the resolution, so they will likely cite the vote’s outcome to bolster their argument that the investigation is highly partisan.

Updated (at) . (am EDT)

Nancy Pelosirather unusually presided over the House herself this morning as members began to debate the impeachment resolution.

Jonathan Tamari(@ JonathanTamari)

.@ SpeakerPelositaking the unusual step of presiding over the House herself as they begin debate on the procedures for the impeachment inquiry going forward

(October) , 2019

The resolution, which outlines the procedures the House will follow as the inquiry advances to public hearings, will likely get a vote between 10. 30 am and 11. 30 am ET.

Pelosi is also expected to speak to reporters about the resolution at the House speaker’s press briefing in about 30 minutes.


Morrison to reportedly confirm Taylor’s account of quid pro quo

Tim Morrison, the national security council official currently testifying behind closed doors in the impeachment inquiry, reportedly intends to confirm (Bill Taylor’s) account that the White House held up Ukraine’s military assistance to push for public announcements of investigations intoJoe Bidenand the 2016 election.

The Washington Postreports:

Morrison is expected to tell impeachment investigators on Thursday that the account offered by Ambassador William B. Taylor Jr., is accurate, particularly that Morrison alerted him to the president’s and his deputies’ push to withhold security aid and a meeting with the Ukrainian president untilUkraineannounced an investigation of the Bidens and 2016 election interference, the person said on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive discussions.

Morrison will also say that he did not necessarily view the president’s demands as improper or illegal, but rather problematic for U.S. policy in supporting an ally in the region, the person said.

HouseDemocratsare hoping thatTim Morrisoncan provide the key link betweenGordon Sondland,the US ambassador to the EU who has denied any quid pro quo in the delaying of military assistance toUkraine, andBill Taylor, who outlined such a scheme in his testimony to impeachment investigators.

However, despite Morrison’s imminent departure from the national security council, the official may not be looking to reveal everything he knows to the House committees this morning.

The Washington Post’s Josh Roginwrites:

Democrats might not want to pin their impeachment hopes on his testimony Thursday, because there are three things Morrison is not: a whistleblower, a Never Trumper or a potential member of the Resistance. …

[Morrison] likely won’t give the Democrats the thing they want most, a full-throated endorsement of their characterization of the Ukraine scheme as a quid pro quo. Morrison will likely try to stick to the facts, be honest and not burn his bosses or the president in the process. That won’t be easy.

Morrison arrives for Impeachment Testimony

Good morning, live blog readers!

Today’s impeachment proceedings are underway, withTim Morrisonhaving already arrived for his closed-door testimony with the committees leading the inquiry.

Olivia Beavers(@ Olivia_Beavers)

AND Tim Morrison in the House for his closed door

(October) , 2019

Morrison’s appearance was already highly anticipated, givenBill Taylor’sreported testimony last week that the national security council official told him aboutGordon Sondlandallegedly informing Ukrainian officials their US military aid was contingent on public announcements of investigations intoJoe Bidenand the (election.)

However, Morrison’s testimony is even more dramatic following last night’s reports that the official isstepping downfrom his post at the White House. It’s still unclear whether Morrison resigned voluntarily or was asked to leave, but the development puts even more weight on what he may tell impeachment investigators today.

Nancy Pelosi talks to reporters on Capitol Hill.
Nancy Pelosi talks to reporters on Capitol Hill. Photograph: Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

Here’s what else the bog is keeping an eye on:

  • Trumphas no events on his public schedule today, so some impeachment-themed tweets seem likely.
  • The House vote on the impeachment resolution will likely happen between 10. 30 am and 11. am ET.
  • Nancy Pelosi) will brief reporters at 10. 15 am ET.

The blog will have plenty more coming up, so stay tuned.


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