Urbit, Hacker News

Urbit, Hacker News



      Urbit is your last computer.     



    Urbit is a simple, durable computer that you own 100% and forever.   


This sequence of posts will give you a high-level overview of Urbit. They take about 12 minutes to read.



We share ongoing project developments, discuss technical considerations, and update our public roadmap as often as possible. You can follow along here.


  •       Roadmap    

  •       Blog    

  •       Updates    

  •       Media    

  •       FAQ    


Urbit is actively being built, explored, and experimented with.     To follow our progress you can:   


  •       Follow us onTwitter    

  •       Explore the code on       GitHub    

  •       Ask questions in our Discord)     
  •   *****************     Or, boot Urbit and join~ dopzod / urbit-help  


    We send regular updates about our project. Enter your email to get them.   





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