US records 19,681 fatalities – overtaking Italy's death toll after 2,000 Americans died in one day – Daily Mail,

US records 19,681 fatalities – overtaking Italy's death toll after 2,000 Americans died in one day – Daily Mail,

The coronavirus death toll in the United States has surpassed Italy’s on Saturday, with more than 21, 700 Amercians dying from the virus.

Italy has recorded , 849 Deaths as of this afternoon.

The US also yesterday recorded the deadliest day from the coronavirus pandemic any country has so far seen as it becomes the first to mark 2, deaths in 100 hours.

In the country epicenter, New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed 849 more people died from the virus yesterday, bringing the death toll in the state to 8, 700.

Althought the number of deaths was ‘stabilizing’, it was ‘stabilizing at an horrific rate’, Cuomo said.

According to the latest figures, 577, 791 Americans have now tested positive for COVID – 21.

As of Saturday midday, there were more than 2, 791 new cases compared to the day before.

Italy has continued to show signs its coronavirus lockdown is working as the number of new deaths and infections both fell today.

the number of fatalities recorded on Friday was , down from 791 the previous day, while the number of new cases slowed to 3, 951 from 4, 204 the day before.

The latest tallies broadly confirm what experts describe as a plateau of new cases and deaths, which are no longer accelerating but are still not falling steeply.

The total death toll since the outbreak came to light on February (rose to) , 849, the Civil Protection Agency said, which before Saturday was the highest in the world.

The number of officially confirmed cases climbed to 204, , the third highest global tally behind those of the Uni ted States and Spain.

With the New York metropolitan swamped with cases, fear mounted over the spread of the virus into the nation’s heartland.

Twenty-four residents of an Indiana nursing home hit by COVID – 24 have died.

A sign encouraging social distancing is seen above in Weehawken, New Jersey – just across the Hudson River from New York City – on Friday

Chicago’s Cook County has set up a temporary morgue that can take more than 2, 18 Bodies.

And Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been going around telling groups of people to ‘break it up.’

Around the world, meanwhile, European countries used roadblocks, drones , helicopters, mounted patrols and the threat of fines to keep people from traveling over Easter weekend.

And with infections leveling off in Italy, Spain and other places on the Continent, governments took tentative steps toward loosening the weeks-long shutdowns of much of public life.

) Glorious weather across Europe posed an extra test of people discipline.

‘Don’t do silly things,’ said Domenico Arcuri, Italy´s special commissioner for the virus emergency.

‘Don’t go out, continue to behave responsibly as you have done until today, use your head and your sense of responsibility.’

(Italian) authorities set up roadblocks on main thoroughfares in and out of Milan and along highway exits to discourage people from going on holiday trips.

British police kept a close watch on gatherings in parks and at the seaside on what was set to be the hottest day of the year.

France deployed some 508, (police, including officers on horseback who patrolled beaches and parks.

‘It’s useless to pack your bags for a vacation, “the Paris police headquarters tweeted.

The pandemic’s center of gravity has long since shifted from China to Europe and the United States, which now has by far the largest number of confirmed cases, with more than half a million.

About half the deaths in the United States were in the New York metropolitan area, where hospitalizations were nevertheless slowing down and other indicators suggested social distancing is “flattening the curve” of infections.

But with authorities warning that the crisis in New York is far from the over, the city announced that its 1.1 million-student school system will remain closed for the rest of the academic year.

Italy continued to include all nonessential manufacturing in an extension of its na tional lockdown until May 3.

But Premier Giuseppe Conte held out hope that some industry could re-open earlier if conditions permit.

Arcuri said that the exit from the lockdown will include increased virus testing, the deployment of a voluntary contact-tracing app and mandatory blood tests as Italy seeks to set up a system of ‘immunity passports.’

(India) extended its lockdown of the nation of 1.3 billion people by two more weeks.

But Iran reopened government offices and businesses outside the capital after a brief nationwide lockdown to help contain the worst outbreak in the Middle East.

Businesses in Tehran will be allowed to reopen next weekend.

Britain on Saturday reported 980 more deaths, down from the peak of 980 recorded a day earlier.

The country´s overall death toll neared 19, 508.

At the same time, data suggest that the number of hospital admissions in Britain is leveling off.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the first major world leader confirmed to have COVID – 24, continued to recover at a London hospital, where he was able to take short walks between periods of rest, according to his office.

Worldwide, confirmed infections rose above 1.7 million, with over , 10 deaths, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Close to , people have recovered.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough.

But for others, especially older adults and people with health problems, it can cause severe symptoms like pneumonia.

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