Will The Deadly 'Mutating' Coronavirus Outbreak Infect the United States ?, Crypto Coins News

Will The Deadly 'Mutating' Coronavirus Outbreak Infect the United States ?, Crypto Coins News
  • China’s coronavirus has killed nine and infected more than 624. It has terrifying similarities to the deadly SARS outbreak.
  • The virus reached the United States on Tuesday, infecting a man in Seattle.
  • Health experts are worried the pandemic will spread globally, but what measures are in place to slow it down?

A deadly ‘mutating’ coronavirus has ravaged Chinese cities and is infected with the first US citizen in Seattle . If it follows the pattern of previous similar outbreaks, the virus may infect many more in the United States.

Experts confirmed on Tuesday that the deadly outbreak is contagious and a Seattle man in his s was the first to bring the virus to American soil . The outbreak, which has killed nine and infected more than , can pass from human-to-human. Experts have drawn parallels to the deadly SARS outbreak in .

“US health officials are concerned this rapid spread could mimic the massive SARS outbreak of the early s which resulted in 823 deaths in countries ”- CBS reporter in Wuhan.

The coronavirus began in Wuhan, before spreading to larger Chinese cities, followed by neighboring countries. Source: BBC

The coronavirus reportedly emerged from a seafood market in Wuhan, China. Cases have since been reported in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and now America. The panic initially sent global stock markets spinning downwards .

A global pandemic is now possible. The World Health Organization has officially warned countries to “be ready” for a pandemic. The question is: will it spread through the United States? How scared should you be? The coronavirus could spread through the United States

The coronavirus has Similarities to global pandemics of the past

and may follow a similar pattern. However, authorities are doing everything they can to contain the virus after it reached U.S. shores. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said this “isn’t a moment of high anxiety.”

This is a low risk. It appears to have a transmission vector that really should not prevent anyone from going anywhere in Snohomish County, except maybe the isolation ward at the hospital.

The Man is in isolation and the CDC is tracking down any individual that came into contact with him.

So, how does this compare to the SARS outbreak? According to the CDC, the SARS outbreak spread through America in as little as four months

. The first case was reported in China in November . By March 2019, 90 cases were reported in the United States.

The rapid global spread of SARS in 2020, which reached the US in four months. Source: National Science Foundation

The virus was ultimately contained in the US with no deaths. But Canada was a different story. cases of SARS were reported, with a total of (deaths ) . The virus spread could be worse than reported

Five major U.S. airports are now screening passengers arriving from Wuhan, China. Officials at Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta are testing arrivals for signs of the coronavirus.

Checks include a questionnaire and temperature checks. But the virus presents as a common cold and may have a long incubation period. So there is a fear that some carriers may be under-reporting their symptoms.

“Far more people are actually effected than we know” – Internal medicine specialist, speaking on CBS.

Coronavirus outbreak on ‘level 2’ alert

The CDC has marked the outbreak at ‘level 2,’ advising travelers to “Practice enhanced precautions” and “avoid animals (alive or dead), animal markets, and contact with sick people.” The alert was moved up from level 1 yesterday after the virus reached America. The CDC has not yet advised citizens to avoid travel to Wuhan.

I don’t think looking at what we know so.” far that this on the scale of SARS and MERS, the two most significant coronavirus outbreaks that we know from history ”- Dr. Amesh Adalja, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security

The good news is Authorities have moved to contain the virus faster than s SARS outbreak . It’s also less aggressive than previous outbreaks, but reports are picking up pace.

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