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For a short time, this course is free, please attend and review.

Welcome to Java Spring MVC Framework 4x with Spring Data JPA and Hibernate (Java Based Configuration) course.

***Live Coding and the samples are coded from scratch***
***Your questions will be answered within 24 hours***

This course will teach you how to configure Java Spring MVC Enterprise applications using full Java Based Configuration.(No XML configuration is required (even no web xml)). Beans, services, repositories, controllers and views will be defined and configured using Java language throughout this udemy course.

Furthermore, the course will also show you how to configure Java Spring MVC web applications using web xml and Java Configuration.

The benefits of attending this udemy course;

  • Learn and understand Java Spring MVC with Live Coding Examples from scratch
  • You will learn how to configure and test the latest version of Java Spring MVC using only Java language even without web xml file.
  • You will understand the main principles and concepts of Java Spring MVC Framework with Java Based configuration and be ready to develop Java Enterprise Spring MVC applications.
  • You will earn a high salary based on the knowledge provided within this course including Spring MVC Concepts, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, Logging and Unit Testing.

The content of Java Spring MVC with Java Based Configuration course;

  • Installing Spring Tool Suite IDE with MySQL Database Community Edition and Java JDK 8.0
  • Learn how to use integrated Maven in Spring Tool Suite and define dependencies using pom xml
  • Learn how to create Java Enterprise Web Projects with Maven and STS
  • Learn how to debug, run and test Java Spring applications
  • Learn how to configure Java Spring MVC by using WebApplicationInitializer interface
  • Understand how to register configuration classes using AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext
  • Learn how to define DelegatingFilterProxy in order to active Spring Security Module
  • Understand how to define configuration classes with WebMvcConfigurerAdapter
  • Understand the usage of @EnableWebMvc and @Configuration annotations in Java Spring MVC
  • Define and map views to custom pages using InternalResourceViewResolver
  • How to use @Autowired, @ComponentScan, @Controller, @Service and @Bean annotations
  • Learn how to configure Java Spring MVC using AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer
  • Learn how to configure LocaleChangeInterceptor, MessageSource and CookieLocaleResolver
  • How to configure Java Spring MVC with web xml and Java Config
  • Learn how to get properties inside property files using @PropertySource and PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer
  • How to define data sources with Java Spring MVC including EmbeddedDatabase
  • Learn the configuration of EmbeddedDatabaseBuilder with scripts
  • How to use DatabasePopulatorUtils in order to run initial SQL files (Both (data definition language)DDL and (data manipluation language)DML SQLs)
  • Learn how to configure Repositories using Spring Data JPA API and Hibernate ORM
  • Understand the usage of @EnableJpaRepositories and CrudRepository
  • How to define map HTTP requests using @RequestMapping @RequestParam, @PathVariable and @ResponseBody
  • How to unit test Spring MVC Services using @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner class)
  • Learn how to enable Unit Testing with JUnit for Java Based Configuration using @WebAppConfiguration and @ContextConfiguration
  • Learn how to use and configure Spring Security Module with WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter
  • Learn how to define users and roles with inMemoryAuthentication in Spring MVC Framework
  • Learn how to enable Spring Security Configuration module with @EnableWebSecurity
  • Understand the usage of HTTP paths and Intercept URLs with antMatchers
  • Understand how to define Basic Authentication in order to access web pages
  • Learn how to configure default login form with Spring Security Module
  • Learn how to define the springSecurityFilterChain filter
  • Learn how to access user details using Principal object in Controllers
  • How to use Spring Security tags such as <security:authorize/> and <security:authentication/> on view layers
  • Learn how to configure logging using SLF4J & LogBack
  • Learn how to create a Simple Core Java Spring project using Maven

    HD quality (full screen) recorded course content and you will be able to see the source code clearly (HD format).

    Please feel free to ask me questions regarding the lectures if you attend this udemy course. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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