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On the first glance, Vue might not seem any different than the other JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS or Angular 2, but a look deeper might surprise you. Vue is a brilliant JavaScript view-only framework that is making headlines in the world of development.

Vue comes with a simple and minimalistic core that is perfect for simple, single page applications that do not require heavy overheads. Vue works primarily on the ViewModel with two-way data bindings and is designed to be simple and flexible, allowing developers to mold the layer as they see fit.

It does not require much to set up and run, allowing faster and easier development for applications. This extremely popular framework is currently a great add on to other frontend frameworks and here is your chance to learn it all in one place.

We have designed a complete course to help you not only learn the basics of Vue.JS but also master this amazing technology from scratch. You will learn the complete basics in this tutorial, from learning what Vue is to how to set it up and then progress onwards to actually working with its components, understanding the UI development and even go over the entire syntax.

That is not all, you will also design an entire project using this framework to help you get a hands-on experience with Vue. You will learn the theory as well as practical applications of this framework and how it can simplify your programming life.

Let us look at a concise syllabus of this course:

  • Go over what Vue is, it is fundamentals, compare it to other JavaScript technologies, as well as install it.
  • A detailed look at the syntax including directives, interpolation, etc.
  • Talk about two-way data binding through input fields and also how to handle events.
  • Discuss in detail what are watchers and reactive properties and how to use them in an app
  • Learn how to work with components that are both in the stand-alone version as well as using Vue CLI with Webpack and actually put components in separate files. We will also take a look at the Vue Router.
  • A complete project where we will make API requests using the Vue Resource Package to and have subreddits displayed on our webpage

This course has been designed as the only resource that you will need to learn this amazing and simple front-end framework. Enroll now and simplify your View with Vue- View Less


  • Web Development
  • VueJS


  • Learn to build UI with VueJS
  • Build professional apps using VueJS
  • Master advance JavaScript programming

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