Brexit news – live: ‘Deeply cruel’ Boris Johnson faces backlash after axing protections for child refugees, as Rees-Mogg reappears for first time since blaming Grenfell victims – The Independent, Independent

Brexit news – live: ‘Deeply cruel’ Boris Johnson faces backlash after axing protections for child refugees, as Rees-Mogg reappears for first time since blaming Grenfell victims – The Independent, Independent





Boris Johnsonis facing accusations he has broken pre-election promises to compromise on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in favor of a hardBrexit, as MPs prepare to vote on his exit terms in the Commons.


Laborsaid Mr Johnson had “torn-up” protections for workers’ rights and child refugees, calling the changes “deeply cruel ” The Lib Dems said compromises had been “binned” following his march towards “unbridled” power.


AsJacob Rees-Moggmakes his return to frontline politics following his conspicuous absence from the Tory election campaign, campaigners are railing against government plans to shake up the constitution and introduce photo ID at polling stations.



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Vulnerable children must not be treated as bargaining chips, says Lord Dubs

Labor peer Lord Dubs, who fled the Nazis on the Kindertransport, has condemned Boris Johnson for scrapping the rights of refugee children to be reunited with their families after Brexit.

Lord Dubs campaigned successfully to amend the Brexit bill to include this right – but it has been stripped from the new bill. MPs are voting on the legislation today.




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Labor lost Facebook war, says former Corbyn aide

Matt Zarb-Cousin, a former spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn, has said Labor lost the election campaign’s social media war on Facebook.

In an interesting piece forThe Times, he said the party could not rival its success at the election , when the platform helped significantly build support for his old boss.

“Facebook’s algorithm change in early shifted the landscape: it meant more content from friends in news -feeds instead of from pages people liked, and also boosting videos that are watched for longer, ”he wrote.

“ This meant organic sharing of content developed outside of the party and by Jeremy Corbyn’s team in the leader’s office could no longer compensate for deficiencies elsewhere. ”



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Boris Johnson is a ‘left-wing Tory’, claims defense secretary

Ben Wallace has admitted that there’s currently a shortfall in the Ministry of Defense’s budget. . The defense secretary also claimed Boris Johnson is a “left-wing Tory”.

Wallace told Nick Robinson’sPolitical Thinkingpodcast: “The best thing I can do for the men and women of the Armed Forces is to make sure that we cut our cloth to match our ambition, that manage expectations and say to the [service] chiefs that your appetite has to match your stomach. ”

He added: “I won’t hide it – the MoD has a bad reputation in Whitehall for many, many decades. What the people listening and members of the Armed Forces must realise is that it helps no one. We have to be trusted if we are to persuade the Treasury to fund us for long-term projects. ”

Addressing reports that the PM’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings wants to overhaul defense procurement, Wallace said: “I had a meeting with Dom this week. Dom is full of amazing ideas where he has spotted loads of improvement in infrastructure and technology procurement and he has spotted how that as our technology horizon changes how we procure has to happen differently and I am incredibly supportive of what he is talking about. ”

On the direction of the Conservative party in government he said: “What a lot of my colleagues are about to discover that Boris Johnson is actually quite a left-wing Tory in many areas, pro-immigration as we can see from the manifesto and pro-public spending on investment in our public services and the NHS … Boris is a social liberal. People are going to find the one nation conservatism he talks about, he means. ”

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‘Night out with the boss’

I’m afraid to report that Sajid Javid is making Star Wars jokes. The chancellor has shared a photo by his protege Rishi Sunak (chief secretary to the Treasury) of a “great night out with the boss” – at a showing ofThe Rise of Skywalker


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What is Boris Johnson’s voter ID policy – and why is it so controversial?

Campaigners have condemned the government “dangerous” plan to bring in a photo ID requirement at polling stations – claiming the “suppression” will leave tens of thousands of people without a vote.

Our correspondent Benjamin Kentish has taken look at the potential impact:


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‘Game over’? Tory Remain voter says MPs should stop fighting

Former Cabinet Office minister and Remain voter Damian Green has urged MPs who also voted to stay in the EU to give up on their fight as “that game is over”.

Green said: “I simply want to make two points – the first of which is that those of us who voted for and campaigned for Remain should respect the result of the referendum.

” So to those of my friends on all sides of the House who up to now have not accepted the 2016 result, I would appeal that now, after this general election result, please accept the decision, please let’s move on, please accept that that game is over. ”

In response, Green MP and ardent Remainer Caroline Lucas said Boris Johnson’s deal is“ essentially an executive power-gr ab, completely deleting all of the provisions that would have allowed parliamentary scrutiny ”.

She added:“ Can he (Mr Green) explain why, if he is standing up for democracy, he is happy to see a bill reducing democracy? ”

Green replied:“ I would urge her and others to use all the energy and passion that she has at her disposal to help us as a country forge a new friendly relationship with our fellow democracies in the rest of Europe. ”


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No defends Zac Goldsmith peerage and cabinet job

Downing Street has defended the appointment of ousted Tory MP Zac Goldsmith to the Lords so he can keep his ministerial post.

No 10 also declined to directly comment on Goldsmith’s previous apparent criticism of peerages as “seedy lists of party apparatchiks appointed by power hungry party leaders”.

The PM’s official spokesman said: “Zac Goldsmith was doing an excellent and committed job in sabinet dealing wit h really important issues and he will now be able to get on with that work and carry on delivering. ”

Asked if it is reasonable to reward an unseated MP so swiftly , the spokesman added: “As I say, he was doing a really important job very, very well on behalf of the country and he will be able to continue doing so.”

A post on Goldsmith’s Twitter account in July (read: “Seedy lists of party apparatchiks appointed by power hungry party leaders & insulated from any democratic pressure for

****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** yrs? No thanks. ”

After the tweet was put to him, the No the spokesman was unable to say how the PM convinced the minister to stay on, saying: “I don’t have details of any conversations.”



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Industries will be ‘done over’ by Brexit, says Hilary Benn

Hilary Benn has told Boris Johnson businesses will soon be coming to MPs with “issues.” ”As the government negotiates a trade deal with the EU.

“ If the government gets it wrong, it will not be a question of getting Brexit done, it will be a question of some industries being done over by Brexit, ”he said.

Tory former minister Maria Miller, incidentally, said MPs are repeating themselves on Brexit.

She added: “So much has been said on Brexit already, people who are tuning in to watch our debate today on the parliament channel could be forgiven for thinking they’re watching a re-run – and I know it’s Christmas, but come on, we need to get this debate to move forward. ”



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PM’s ‘toxic’ Brexit bill rejected by Scots, claims Ian Blackford

The SNP’s leader in the Commons Ian Blackford has been talking as much about his party’s election results as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill itself.

“We did not vote for Brexit… Scotland voted decisively to escape Brexit and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”                                                                                                                                   


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PM promises ‘unfettered access’ after UK leaves EU

The DUP MP Gavin Robinson said Boris Johnson “needs to understand the concerns about customs arrangements for Northern Ireland ”.

He said in the Commons:“ We’re not going to resolve those issues today, but will the prime minister commit to proper and thorough and detailed reconsideration using the strength he has, to deliver for the wholeety of this country? ”

Johnson replied:“ Let me remind him that the deal commits to unfettered access, unfettered access in all parts of the UK, respects the territorial integrity of the UK and ensures that Northern Ireland is part of the UK customs territory and will therefore benefit immediately from any of our new free trade deals as soon as they are in force . ”

Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards, meanwhile, asked the PM whether by ruling out extending the transition per iod with the EU he has “boxed himself into a corner”.

Johnson replied: “On the contrary, I think most people looking at the negotiations would agree that it strengthens our negotiating position.

“If we have learned anything … from the experience of the last three years it is that drift and dither mean more acrimony and anguish. ”



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Brits getting ‘screwed’ over by Tory elite, says Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator, is no fan of Boris Johnson. . This morning he is railing against the Conservative party and its other.

Government documents seen by Reuters show that Conservative Party have sought citizenship of Cyprus, an EU member state, since Britain voted to leave the bloc in 2016.

Verhofstadt said it shows that “ordinary British citizens are being screwed over by their elite”.



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Nandy says people in towns like hers have ‘warmth and empathy’ to child refugees

Labor MP Lisa Nandy – considering standing for the leadership – urges Boris Johnson to think again about ditching a clause previously in the Brexit bill to protect child refugees.

“If he thinks that people in towns like mine, who want to deliver Brexit , want to see us turn our back on decency and tolerance and kindness and warmth and empathy, he is wrong. ”



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Corbyn: Tory Brexit has become ‘national embarrassment’

Jeremy Corbyn is unimpressed with Boris Johnson’s call for unity. The Labor leader has accused the Tories “mishandling” and causing “political gridlock, chaos and economic uncertainty.”

He said the whole process has “paralysed our political system, divided communities and countries ”and“ become a national embarrassment ”.

Bringing up the“ brutal reality ”of the Brexit bill, Corbyn again mentions the more unpleasant aspects of US food safety standards which could be a feature in a future trade agreement.

“The choice is between keeping the highest environment and food standards in order to get a future trade deal with the EU, or slashing food standards to match those of the US, where there are so-called acceptable levels of rat hairs in paprika, rat hairs in orange juice. ”


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Will Johnson mark Sturgeon’s letter ‘return to sender’?

The Scottish secretary has claimed Boris Johnson will give “careful consideration” to Nicola Sturgeon’s request to be handed the powers to hold a second independence referendum.

But Alister Jack said the SNP does not currently have a mandate for another vote to be held on the issue.

Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has outlined her position that a referendum on independence should be held in the latter part of (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************. ********

Asked on BBC Radio Scotland’sGood Morning Scotlandprogram whether the PM would mark Sturgeon’s letter, sent on Thursday, with “return to sender” – as he had pledged he would Jack said: “No, he has received a letter and he is going to give it careful consideration and we’ll reply in the new year.”




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PM compares Leavers and Remainers to Montagues and Capulets

Boris Johnson has been speaking in the House of Commons ahead of the big vote on his Brexit bill. In a call for unity, he claimed MPs should “act together as one”.

“This is the time we move on and discard the old labels of Leave and Remain , ”He said.

The PM has also made a reference to Shakespeare’sRomeo and Juliet, comparing the terms “Leavers” and “Remainers” to the Montagues and Capulets “at the end of the play”.


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Harry Styles and Stormzy chant ‘f *** Boris’ on stage

Stormzy joined Harry Styles on stage. at an intimate gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden for a performance of his hit track “Vossi Bop”.

Video footage posted on social media by fans who attended the gig showed styles with the grime star as they urged the audience to chant the lyrics: “F *** the government and f *** Boris. ”

More details here:


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David Lammy attacks ‘deeply cruel’ move by Boris Johnson

Labor MP David Lammy thinks the ditching of protections for child refugees in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is “Deeply cruel” – and ridicules the idea of ​​the PM being a “compassionate Conservative.”


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Sajid Javid announces next Bank of England governor (

Andrew Bailey, the head of the Financial Conduct Authority, will be the next governor of the Bank of England .

The chancellor confirmed Bailey, former deputy governor of the Bank, for the role – saying he was the “stand-out-out candidate” and a “leader of international standing ”.

He had been one of the long-term favorites to take over the position, but has come under heavy scrutiny over the past year amid a series of major auditing failures during his tenure at the regulator.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell responded by tweeting: “As an establishment figure with what some consider is a less than inspiring record at the FCA Andrew Bailey will need to demonstrate early that he appreciates the need to address the deep structural problems of our economy & like Mark Carney understands the climate change threat . ”



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Speaker reveals hospitalization during election campaign

The House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who has revealed that he was diagnosed with diabetes just days before the general election, said a GP sent him to A&E, where medics told him he would have to stay in hospital.

“They said ‘We’re really probably going to have to keep you in ‘. I said ‘Well, that’s impossible, I’m in the middle of a general election with 14 days to go ‘, ”he told BBC Radio 4’s Todayprogram.

He said he is “more or less 156% sure ”that it is Type 1 diabetes that he is suffering from.

Sir Lindsay said the ketones in his body were“ off the scale ”, Adding:“ The fact that suddenly I go in, and then I’ve got to start injecting insulin came as a real shock. ”

He added:“ Never, ever did I expect it would happen to me. And to come at such a time, it really is taking a lot of getting used to. ”

Sir Lindsay said he has spoken to fellow diabetes sufferer Theresa May.

“She said to me ‘Look, if you ever need a chat, if you ever want some support …’ She was really kind, very considerate and said ‘ Your life does not have to change ‘. ”


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Clive Lewis joins Labor leadership race

The Norwich South MP Clive Lewis has become the latest Labor MP to enter the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn.

The shadow Treasury minister vowed to “unleash” the party by handing more power to its members, and accused Corbyn of “indecisiveness” and a “lack of leadership”.

Referring to the general election defeat as Labour’s “own Dunkirk”, Lewis said he was standing for leader because “if I don’t, certain necessary truths may go unspoken”.



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