Coronavirus live updates: eighth Briton dies, second UK MP self-isolates and Belgium records first death – The Guardian,

Coronavirus live updates: eighth Briton dies, second UK MP self-isolates and Belgium records first death – The Guardian,
First death reported in Bulgaria

A 90 – year-old Bulgarian woman has become the first to die of the coronavirus in the country, its health ministry said today.

The woman was taken to an emergency hospital in Sofia yesterday with severe pneumonia. She was the sixth Bulgarian with a confirmed coronavirus infection.

The country’s first four confirmed cases were only announced on Sunday.


First death reported in Ireland

The Irish Times reports

It says that the patient, understood to be elderly, died in the east of the republic, where they had been treated in recent days after initially presenting with respiratory symptoms.

Ireland has 46 confirmed cases to date.

. (am) (EDT) :

Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gave the House oversight committee the latest official figures on the US outbreak – (national cases in) states plus the District of Columbia, and deaths in the United States.

He said the CDC diagnostic test is now in (US public health labs in all states, with the capacity in the public health system to test up to 99, 14 people.

On 2 March, the administration promised that a million tests would be available by the end of that week. Carolyn Maloney, the committee chair, wanted to know why the actual number is so much lower and why “South Korea can test more people in one day than we tested over the past two months”.

Redfield said that a test had been developed quickly but added:

We rapidly tried to expand that and scale it up with a contractor so each public health lab in this country would have that test. During that process of quality control we found that one of the reagents wasn’t working appropriately. And we had to modify that with the FDA, and that took several weeks to get that completed.

am EDT :

am EDT :

European travel restricted in Malta

Times of Malta (@ TheTimesofMalta)

Travel banned from another four countries

The same restriction already applies for travel from (Italy) , reports the Times of Malta.

(am) EDT :

Romania introduces further restrictions Kit Gillet

Romania has introduced further restrictions to try to limit the spread of coronavirus, with 46 confirmed cases in the country as of Wednesday afternoon, including 27 in the capital, Bucharest, writes my colleague Kit Gillet.

Kit Gillet (@ KitGillet)

Romania closes all schools from March until March at the earliest. # coronavirus (March 9,

Number of cases in Greece increases to

US: vaccine will take months

Julian Borger

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been testifying to the House oversight committee, about the expected timeline on the development of a vaccine, reports my colleague Julian Borger.

Julian Borger (@ julianborger)

CDC director Redfield said the Center had distributed , (# COVID) tests to the public health system so far (March) ,

Updated at 21) am EDT

US: heads of the CD, and national institutes of health are testifying before House Oversight Committee.

In the US, the heads of the CDC, and national institutes of health are testifying before the House Oversight Committee


You can watch live here:

My colleague Julian Borger (@julianborger) is tweeting:

Julian Borger (@ julianborger)

Tony Fauci at House Oversight Cttee: “Bottom line, it’s going to get worse.” (March) ,

Updated (at) . (am EDT

(am) (EDT) :

What do experts mean by ‘flattening the curve’?

UK cases up to

The number of coronavirus cases in the UK increases by in (hours:)

Department of Health and Social Care (@ DHSCgovuk)

UPDATE on coronavirus (

(# COVID) testing in the UK:

As of 9am March , a total of 38, People have been tested:

, negative (positive)

6 patients who tested positive for coronavirus have sadly died.

The digital dashboard will be updated later today.

(March) ,

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in UK stands at , up

from 592 yesterday.

The department tweeted:

As of 9am (March) , a total of , (people have been tested:

, (negative) (positive)

Updated (at) am EDT

(am EDT )

Here’s a summary of the events so far today:


(A) – year-old British woman has become the eighth UK citizen to die after contracting coronavirus. She died in Bali, according to Indonesia’s health ministry.

Michael Gove told MPs that fresh concerns about the safety of the talks had been raised by EU officials.

  • Haroon Siddique A member of staff of the health minister, Nadine Dorries, has also tested positive for the viru (s) , but there are no plans to test other ministers. Dorries has complained of harassment by the media as she recovers at home from the virus.
    is confirmed its first case. German chancellor Angela Merkel warned that up to 100% of the population will be infected unless measures can be found to slow the spread of the outbreak. Poland is to close its schools.

    States of emergency have been declared in Michigan and Massachusetts, as the number of Covid – 31 cases in the US passed . Three security officers have tested positive at California’s San Jose airport.

    China has reported only (new cases and new deaths nationally, including a record low of (cases in Wuhan) . Lockdowns have been partially lifted in the Hubei province, and key industries will be allowed to resume in Wuhan.

    (9.) (am EDT ) : Catch it, bin it, kill it?

    Some consternation among people watching the budget that the UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, does not appear to be following NHS guidelines to cough and sneeze into a handkerchief.

    Instead of sticking to the mantra “catch it, kill it, bin it” Raab was seen coughing repeatedly into his hand.

    Dinah Ditch #FBPE #RejoinEU

    Updated (at . am EDT

    (9.) (am) EDT :

    UK chancellor makes NHS coronavirus ‘promise’

    The (UK) chancellor has promised the NHS “whatever it needs” in terms of funding to tackle the spread of coronavirus in Wednesday’s budget.

    BBC News (UK) (@ BBCNews)

    £ 7bn to support self-employed, businesses and vulnerable people and £ 5bn emergency response fund for NHS and other public services

    In total, £ bn fiscal stimulus to support UK through coronavirus, says Chancellor Rishi Sunak https: // t .co / CtTByDnc8J

    (# Budget)

    PA Media reports:

    Rishi Sunak set out plans for the health service in his budget and pledged security and support for those who are sick and unable to work due to the spread of Covid – 31.

    He said: “Whatever extra resources our NHS needs to cope with coronavirus it will get… Whether it’s millions of pounds or billions of pounds, whatever it needs, whatever it costs, we stand behind our NHS . ”

    He offered support to any workers who become too ill to work, with new measures including the ability to obtain a sick note by contacting rather than having to visit a GP.

    And he said those working in the gig economy or who are self-employed will get quicker and easier access to benefits.

    Sunak said he was setting aside a £ 5bn emergency response fund to support the NHS and other public services, adding that he “will go further if necessary”.

    His pledge comes after the government said there were no plans to test any ministers, including Boris Johnson, for Covid – after the health minister Nadine Dorries announced she had the virus.

    PHE said it had assessed the risk of Dorries ’individual close contacts and only those with symptoms need to self-isolate. For each Covid – 32 case, a risk assessment is carried out and advice tailored to that group, said a spokeswoman.


    at 9. am EDT

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