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Dillian Whyte secures hard-fought points victory over Mariusz Wach on Joshua vs Ruiz undercard – Evening Standard, Standard.co.uk




Dillian Whytehas secured victory overMariusz Wachon the undercard ofAnthony JoshuavsAndy Ruiz.


Whyte secured an unanimous decision win over the Polish heavyweight, going the distance in his first fight for six months having also taken the fight on less than two weeks ’notice.


It comes a day after the Brixton fighter was cleared of any wrongdoing by UK Anti-Doping after claims of an “adverse finding” in a drug test earlier this year.


The adverse finding was found before Whyte’s WBC eliminator against Oscar Rivas in July, a fight Whyte was cleared to fight in with news of the finding not emerging until the following week.


A joint statement from Whyte and UKAD released on Friday night confirmed the Brixton heavyweight was charged with an anti-doping violation earlier this year – a charge that has since been withdrawn.



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He celebrated the news with a win in Saudi Arabia that extends his professional record to 30 – 1.


The – year-old controlled the majority of the fight, keeping the taller man at bay with his jab and ripping through with effective uppercuts.


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He was put under pressure at the end of the eighth with Wach forcing Whyte off balance with a left hook right before the bell.


Whyte dug in however and ended the 11 th with a flurry.

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ACTION                 ****************************************************************************** – – (T) : (************************************************************************************************************************************: (***********************************************************************************************************************************. ******************************************************************************************************** (Z) ***************************    

(Round (******************************

Wach is on top in this final round as he looks for the big finish. A great left hook from Whyte eases the pressure somewhat, but he is knackered in there and can’t really afford to throw what he has left into those big shots.

Whyte though finds a huge left uppercut! Wach is hurt and stumbles away from safety. That should be enough for him.




ACTION                  ************************************************************************************ – 15 – (T) ************************************************************************************************************************************: 24: (************************************************************************************************************** (Z) ************** ()     

Round 9

Wach has soaked up a lot throughout this fight and looks to have plenty left in the tank. Whyte is all of a sudden looking tired, moving heavily with his mouth open as he is forced to dig in.

He misses with a huge over hand right that invites Wach to come in with the counter shot – Whyte just about evades it.




**************************************************************************************** – – (T) **************************************************************************************************************************************: 15: (**********************************************************************************************************************************. Z    

(Round 8

Whyte is keeping Wach busy but seems happy to go. at this pace. Wach meanwhile is still reaching for those big rights, forcing the Londoner to sink into the ropes at one stage, but he comes back with body shots to ease that pressure.

Wach ends the round with a couple of superb shots – one forcing a slight stumble out of Whyte! (**************************************

We could be in for a cracking final two rounds.




– – (T) ************************************************************************************************************************************: (******************************************************************************************************************************************: 520 Z    

(Round 7

Whyte goes to body and head with that big left hook, thumping Wach and knocking the Pole’s head back in the process.

Wach keeps coming and lands an decent right of his own to end the round – another that goes Whyte’s way.



ACTION                   (************************************************************************************************ (-) ****************************************************************************************************************************************** – (T) **************************************************************************************************************************************: (**********************************************************************************************************************************************: (**************************************************************************************************************** (Z) **************    

(Round 6) *****************************

Whyte is has probably taken every round here apart from that fifth where the Pole finished impressively.

Wach has been encouraged by that late flurry, but Whyte keeps him in check with a couple of nice uppercuts.



ACTION                   2391 –

****************************************************************************************************************************** (T) ****************************************************************************************************************************************: : (******************************************************************************************************************************. ************************************************************************************************** (Z) ***************************


(Round 5

Whyte continues to control with his jab – but to his credit, Wach keeps coming forward, taking the shots well.

The Polish heavyweight has some joy with a superb right over the top that catches Whyte clean – but the Londoner responds with a stinging counter shot. Things are heating up a bit!




        2464 – – (T) *****************************************************************************************************************************************: : (**************************************************************************************************************************. ************************************************************************************************ (Z) ***************************    

(Round 4) *****************************

Whyte maintains the pressure, finding a home for some stiff body shots as he looks to slow Wach down.

The Brixton man goes for a big overhand right – just missing. Earlier in the round he seemed to be troubled with his eye – there is no cut and he hasn’t taken any big shots there, a thumb maybe?




        2391 – 19 – T (****************************************************************************************************************************************: :Z    

(Round 3) *****************************

Whyte has got his jab going nicely, doubling up with it nicely to keep Wach at bay. He rips through with a couple of hooks to boot.

You feel Whyte could go up a few gears here and force the knockout. Perhaps, having taken this fight on late notice and come in heavy in Friday’s weigh-in, he is happy to take his time and maintain his energy levels.




ACTION                 2464 – 18 – (T) *****************************************************************************************************************************************: **************************************************************************************************************************: (****************************************************************************************************************. ************************************************************************************************** (Z)    

(Round 2

****** Wach keeps coming forward but is leaving himself open as he does. Whyte catches him again at mid-range, smashing through his defense and hurting the pole whyte warming up nicely.



ACTION                  (************************************************************************************************** – 15 – T (**************************************************************************************************************************************: ****************************************************************************************************************************: (********************************************************************************************************************. Z    

(Round 1

An entertaining opener here – Wach looks game enough and is throwing plenty at the Brixon man.





         (************************************************************************************ – 18 – (T) **************************************************************************************************************************************: (************************************************************************************************************************: 31. (Z)     

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s live coverage of the heavyweight clash between Dillian Whyte and Mariusz Wach in Saudi Arabia!

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