Social media users got revved up over President

Donald Trump

‘s reported plan to take a lap in the presidential limousine ahead of the Daytona on Sunday.

Fox News ‘Chief White House correspondent John Roberts broke the news on Friday, tweeting that Trump’s ride (presumably as a passenger) around the Daytona International Speedway track in the vehicle nicknamed “The Beast” was “not % “confirmed but” that is the plan at the moment. ”

Trump will also serve as grand marshal of the NASCAR Cup Series season-opener, reported Fox Business .

Twitter users inevitably had a variety of thoughts about the plan:

nothing more badass than riding in the back of a limo while it drives around in a circle! – C. Everett Cope (@cushbomb) (February) , 145131

ve surpassed Idiocracy in record time. – Max Burns (@themaxburns) February ,
People are dying because they can’t afford insulin. And this is how Trump spends his time. Disgraceful. – ondeBlonde in Brooklyn🗽 (@BlondeinBklyn) February ,

Some people will do anything for attention, won’t they? Sad.

Oh well … that’s what we get for electing a reality tv fake billionaire con-man to head the country. Patriots get condemned or arrested, and the president spends all his time doing dumb stuff to get attention.

– Khashoggi’s Ghost (@ UROCKlive1) (February) , ()

Will Trump have secret service run alongside? – Alamo_on_the_rise 🆘🍑 (@AlamoOnTheRise) (February) ,
Everything is a show. It’s shameless self promotion; like professional wrestling. – Michael Hollis (@MichaelHollis

(February) , 80346
Can’t this guy just give us all a break from the endless attention seeking. It’s exhausting. – tsunami.azul 🌊 (@ mtab1) (February) ,
God help us. pic / WaECdCyh0p – James Wooten (@rantonstupidity) (February) ,
The dumbification of America continues – Padraig (@patrickmkcirtap) (February) , 145131

It’s all just one big reality tv show to Trump. – preising (@preising) (February) ,
Nothing says class warfare like a billionaire being driven around in a limo in front of thousands of people who don’t make more than $ 8 / hour. – David Spivak ⚾️ (@dsspivak February ,
And we’re paying for that. – Helena (@thelastpinkcar) (February ,
why not demean the presidency further. – canArcanjel ⚡ (@bstnboy) ,

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