Dozens of masked men on motorbikes ransack Manchester petrol station in ‘large scale public disorder’ – The Independent, Independent

Dozens of masked men on motorbikes ransack Manchester petrol station in ‘large scale public disorder’ – The Independent, Independent





Motorcyclists crowded apetrol stationwhile others got off their bikes to ransack the shop, footage of the “large scale public disorder” released by police shows.


Dozens of men are seen parking at all angles across theManchesterstation while others throw items taken from the store outside.


While several people appeared to be handing over cash at the counter, other helmet-clad motorcyclists grabbed goods from shelves in the background, the video titled “Halloween Public Disorder” shows.



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Bikers collected items off the floor outside and passed them to each other before disappearing, leaving goods scattered over the shop floor.


Greater Manchester Policebelieve the group caused “numerous instances ofantisocial behavior”on the evening of October and said some were carrying weapons, including knives and a sword.




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The motorcyclists were seen driving dangerously on motorways, traveling on pavements and blocking roads, police said.


PC Gavin Jackson, from Greater Manchester Police’s City of Manchester division, said there was “widespread disturbance across the areas of Wythenshawe and Sale which caused large amounts of distress to residents of those communities.”


He said: “We believe the men on bikes shown on the CCTV footage at the petrol station were the same group who were causing mass antisocial behavior elsewhere that night also.”


Police released footage of the “large scale public disorder” at the Altrincham Road petrol station in Wythenshawe as part of an appeal for more information.


Mr Jackson said: “Due to the widespread instances of that night, we are confident that there are members of the public who will have seen this group or have dashcam footage through the night and we wish to hear from anyone who may have information. ”


Anyone with information has been urged to contact police on 0 161, quoting incident number of October 4606065. Images or video and dashcam footage can be emailed to [email protected] Information can also be passed on anonymously to Crimestoppers on

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