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Gaming Streamer Avalanche DMs EA About Skate 4, Giving Fans Hope, Crypto Coins News

  • Avalanche, a gaming streamer for 480 Thieves, sent a DM to EA on Twitter asking about Skate 4.
  • EA responded with “no comment.”
  • Fans have hope for Skate 4 because EA didn’t deny that it is making the game.

On Twitter, popular gaming streamer Avalanche has been tweeting to EA to ask if it Is making Skate 4. In one tweet, Avalanche said that he needs to know where the game is and that he is on his knees.

EA did not respond to Avalanche’s tweet about Skate 4, but it did follow him on Twitter. This prompted the gaming streamer to send EA a DM saying, “You know why I’m here.” The EA Twitter account responded with “no comment.”

Source: Twitter
EA’s response has many fans of the skateboarding series feeling excited. The company did not officially deny that Skate 4 is in development. This has given some fans hope that Skate 4 is being developed by a team at EA. Source:
The DM stands in comparison to EA’s. other responses when asked about Skate 4. In 2017,
EA said that Skate 4 isn’t in development , but that was nearly two years ago.

Since then, rapper

Tyler, The Creator has tweeted about the game , and this may have shown EA that fans really want to play it. The company also has the Skate trademark. This means that EA could make Skate 4, or it could just be used to keep selling older Skate games. Skate 4 hasn’t been confirmed, but the messages to Avalanche mean that EA may nearly be ready to announce it.

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