What is Google Pay, How Does GPay Work in USA

how does gpay works
how does gpay works

GPay is contactless payments with Android phones and Wear OS watches. it is a digital wallet for your i phone or personal device, but you can do a lot more than buy things with it.

How does Google Pay work?
Google Pay enables sending and receiving money, but unlike other digital wallets, the payments can be received directly into the bank accounts. So the entire concern of receiving money in wallets and then transferring into the bank account has been eliminated.
Interestingly, a person doesn’t have to be on the Google Pay app to receive payments. Google Pay simplifies the process of money transfer even through their website.
You can use it for online payments, in app purchases, contactless payments in stores and even for peer-to-peer money sending.

Set up Google Pay or Gpay

The first thing you need to do is get the Google Pay app. Google Pay is also available on iOS. Once you download the app, the setup instructions are the same as the Android version.

1. Download the app from the Google Play Store to install it. 

2. Open the Google Pay app, and tap the Get Started button. 

3. Next, tap the Connect to Gmail button. A window will pop up asking for your permission to give Google Pay access to your device’s location.

4. Google Pay wants to know your location so it can notify you when you’re in a place that accepts Google Pay or uses your loyalty cards. To use the locate feature, tap the blue-lettered Turn On button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Across the bottom of the Google Pay app are four tabs: Home, Payment, Passes and Send. Go to the Payment tab, and then tap on the Add Payment Method button.

You can also start on the Home tab. Go to the Pay With Your Phone in Stores section and tap the blue Set It Up button. If you already have a card on file with your Google account (maybe for the Google Play store or for another Google service) it will offer to connect that credit or debit card to the Google Pay app on your phone. Slightly creepy, but mostly useful.

6. You also have the option to add a new card to your account. To do so, tap Add a New Card and then hold your card in the camera window that pops up. After the camera captures your card’s information, verify your card’s expiration date and CVC number. 

7. Hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Read the Terms of Service, and tap the Accept & Continue button at the bottom.

8. Next, your bank will verify your card, and you’ll get a message stating that your lock screen will be used for Google Pay. Once you understand that, hit the blue Got It button at the bottom. 

9.You’ll find yourself on the Verify Your Card screen. Choose where you want to receive the verification number. Depending on your card you can have it sent to either your email or phone number. Once you choose, tap the Continue button. When you receive the number, type it into the field on the Verification Number screen and tap the Submit button.

Set a default card for Google Pay

You can store multiple cards on Google Pay and even set one up as the default card. 

1. Tap the stored card you want to set as default. 

2. When the card’s details screen pops up, tap the Default for in-store payments slider button. It takes a minute or so to turn blue. How long exactly? Well, I had enough time to add a nickname for my card

Unique features GPay

Google Pay boasts of many unique features in comparison to all the other options available in the market. Some of them are:

  1. The transactions are instant
  2. Money can be sent to and received directly from bank accounts
  3. Tez Shield — multi-layered security with 24*7 protection from frauds — facilitates highly secure transactions
  4. Because the money is transferred from bank accounts, all transactions whether small.

Send and receive money with GPay

But Google Pay isn’t just about using your phone instead of plastic cards. You can send and request cash with friends and family, just like you can with Venmo and Zelle.

1. To send cash, open the Google Pay app. 

2. Tap the Send or Request Money button. 

3. From there, select a contact to send money to or request money from. 

4. If the person you’re sending or requesting from isn’t in your contacts, type in their phone number or email.

5. If they have Google Pay on their phone, they can share their Google Pay QR code with you .

With Google Pay, you can also send or request money from your browser.

1. Go to and log in. 

2. Next, select the Send or Request Money tab. 

3. Tap Send Money or Request Money

4. Enter the amount of money you want to send or request, and then enter a recipient’s phone number, email or enter their name to pull in info from their contact card. 

5. Finally, tap Send or Request.


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