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OTT platforms are the trend of recent times. Gone are the days of cable and network TV, where the audience was not in control of what they were watching at any given time. OTT platforms give us the freedom to watch any content of our choice anytime we like.

Netflix is considered by many as the giant among all OTT platforms. According to Forbes, Netflix is no longer a streaming platform but has already transformed into a global phenomenon and holds the future of entertainment media in its palms. It can be watched throughout the globe on all devices like smartphones, television, laptops, and others.

While Netflix and chill are ingrained in youth today, a few pointers can make the Netflix viewing experience more pleasant. A few tricks and tips on how to use Netflix properly are as follows :

●  Choose your viewing plan according to your devices – Netflix has multiple plans to choose from according to the viewer’s specifications. Each plan has different viewing options, like the number of devices you can stream from or the quality of the content you’ll be watching. Keep in mind the number of people sharing your account or if you want to have options in your viewing devices. Choose a plan carefully which is best suited to you.

●  Late-night streaming and offline downloads – Netflix’s late-night streaming is a good feature for night owls and insomniacs. The instances where a movie buffering or the content quality goes down in a scene are annoying, and this can all be avoided by burning the night oil. Studies show that when fewer people use the app, like late nights, the video quality increases, and the buffering decreases. For those who like their beauty sleep, you can also download shows to your devices to watch them later offline. Just let the content download at night, or anytime you want, you can watch your favorites when you wake up or free to relax. Learning how to use Netflix offline is very easy, and to know more about it, click

●  Set up individual profiles for shared accounts – Sharing a Netflix account is very common nowadays. Not only families, roommates, and partners but even friends and colleagues share our Netflix account. To keep what you watch on Netflix private, keep individual profiles for each person and lock your profile for better privacy. Also, “Sharing is Caring,” but try to limit one account to a maximum of four to five people and do not go around sharing your password with random people.

●  Rate what you watched – After finishing a series or a movie, rate the content according to your experience. This way, Netflix gets to know about your preferences and the content you like to watch. In the future, it will show you more specialized material according to your choices and keep out the pieces you dislike. So, use the thumb up or down and get a high five on entertainment.

●  Use secret codes to view secret content – Netflix has an abundance of content, but only one-third of that shows up on our homepage. To hunt down obscure titles and content on your computer or laptop, you need to use Netflix’s secret codes. There are innumerable articles and videos on the internet that can help you to know what these codes are, but here are a few for example; 1365 for Action and Adventure, 783 for Children and Family, 6548 for Comedies, 6839 for Documentaries, 1492 for Sci-fi and Fantasy content, etc.

●  New features on every corner – Members can sign up for Netflix’s Trial Programme to try its new features. You have to go to your Settings under Account and click on Test Participation. The recommendation algorithm of Netflix will show you new features it has updated every once in a while. Also, viewers of Netflix via Apple TV tap the Up arrow twice on the Apple TV remote; it brings up the content’s thumbnail image, description, and rating. If you press down, you will find a progress bar with chapters in which if you hit the left or right arrow, you can jump forward or back on the program.

Before the pandemic, in the United States, Netflix was broadcasting more than 100 million hours of content per day, and the membership has been skyrocketing since the pandemic hit in 2020. We have found a new and relaxing way of chilling with Netflix, but it does help if the chill gets better with tips and tricks to unlock the hidden treasures of the biggest OTT platform in the world.

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