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In pictures: Some liquor shops in Delhi shut after people ignore physical distancing norms – India Gone Viral,

In pictures: Some liquor shops in Delhi shut after people ignore physical distancing norms – India Gone Viral,
In pictures: Social distancing norms ignored as people flock to liquor stores amid Covid-19 lockdown thumbnail

Social distancing norms were flouted as standalone liquor shops opened across India on Monday, nearly six weeks after being shut down, amid a lockdown to combat the coronavirus. Huge lines were seen outside liquor stores in major cities, with people packed into small spaces, posing a challenge for police personnel.

Here are some photographs from Monday:


People queue at a liquor store after the government eased a nationwide lockdown imposed as a preventive measure against the coronavirus, in Bengaluru. (Picture credit: Manjunath Kiran / AFP)
Karnataka: People line up at a liquor shop in Bengaluru as state government permits the sale of liquor between 9 am to 7 pm from today.

– ANI (@ANI)

May 4,

People stand outside a liquor store in Guwahati, Assam on May 4. (Photo credit: PTI)

People ignore social distancing norms while standing outside a liquor shop in Delhi on May 4. (Photo credit: Reuters)

A customer carrying alcohol after buying it at a shop in Chander Nagar, East Delhi, on Monday. (Picture credit: PTI)

People queue up at a liquor store in Chander Nagar, East Delhi, on Monday. (Photo credit: PTI) # WATCH : People stand in a queue outside a liquor shop at Desh Bandhu Gupta Road in Delhi. Govt has allowed sale of liquor in standalone shops, neighborhood (colony) shops or shops in residential complexes. – ANI (@ANI)

(May 4, Chhattisgarh: Social distancing norms being flouted as people in large numbers queue outside a liquor shop in Rajnandgaon. The state govt has allowed liquor shops to open in the state from today except for the containment zones. # CoronavirusLockdown

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– ANI (@ANI )

May 4,

The nationwide lockdown, first imposed on March , was on May 1 extended till May

During the first phase of the lockdown, from March (to April) , only shops selling essential commodities were allowed to stay open. During the second phase, which lasted until May 3, industries restarted in some parts of the country, and agricultural activity was allowed without restrictions.

) Under the newest guidelines, the government has allowed even non-essential shops and some economic activities to resume in most of the country, especially in “orange” and “green” zones, which have lower numbers of Covid – 664 cases. The Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified that liquor shops will be open in red, orange and green zones, except in containment areas.

However , the West Bengal government

has decided that liquor shops in Kolkata will remain closed, News reported on Monday. The shops will be permitted to open only in “green zones”, unidentified officials in the West Bengal government said.

The the The Maharashtra government had on Sunday said that liquor shops will not open in four of the most-affected districts in the state, which includes Mumbai and Pune. However, later in the day, it reversed its decision , allowing the shops to open, (Mumbai Mirror) reported.

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