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NFL Allows Sham Workout to Close Book on Colin Kaepernick, Crypto Coins News

  • Colin Kaepernick will attend a workout in Atlanta to showcase his talents to the NFL.
  • This is a good PR move for the organization, which has repeatedly been blamed for “blackballing” the former quarterback.
  • All 32 NFL teams know “Kap” is an elite athlete, they just don’t want the drama.

The NFL has arranged a workout for former quarterback turned human rights activist Colin Kaepernick. Though all 32 – teams are invited to attend, this smells like nothing more than a PR stunt so the league can finally putKaepernick’s story to rest.


    Kaepernick Workout Will Change Nothing

    NFL teams employ vast numbers of people to figure out their rosters. Scouts, coaches, and agents scour the United States and beyond looking for the most exceptional physical talent to pad their teams with. In a year wherethe Steelers had a running back taking snaps at QB, are we supposed to believe that Colin Kaepernick is not a professional football player because no one can be bothered to watch him work out?

    The fact is that the NFL hates that people think it has something to do with the fact that the former San Francisco 49 er can’t find a job given the political undertones that come with criticizing him. Kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and civil rights violations against African-Americans made Kaepernick a polarizing figure, as some viewers supported him wholeheartedly while others took itas a sign of disrespect to the US and its veterans. CK added fuel to the fire of controversy bysuing the NFL and taking a settlement.

    Tim Tebow Syndrome: NFL Teams Hate Distracting Backups

    By arranging a private workout, the National Football League hopes that peoplestop blaming the governing body for the fact it is Kaepernick-lessand start blaming the right people; namely, the 32 teams. Just as Tim Tebow demonstrated on the other side of the political spectrum, the fact is thatNFL coaches like stability for their leading men.

    Wildly popular backup players with almost cult-like followings create quarterback contests in the media and undermine their


    Cowboys Could Use Colin Kaepernick but They Won’t

    The Seattle Seahawks almost signed the exiled star back in 2017 but reportedly ran into issues over money andrumors that Colin would not commit to stop kneeling. While it’s true that hiringtalent like Kaepernickwould be expensive , its obvious he could contribute. Giventhe league’s shift towards dual-threat QBs, it doesn’t make sense that a team like the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t find him invaluable to support Dak Prescott. There has to be something more going on behind the scenes, and of course, in this case, we know there is.


    Is anyone going to show up to Kaepernick’s workout and get into a bidding war? Possibly, but if anyone really wanted to sign Kap they’d already have done it.

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