Going from a punishing workout routine to a punishing number of martinis? Sounds like an American Woman’s Christmas to us! Social media went nuts over Peloton’srecent holiday-themed commercial“The Gift That Gives Back,” in which an anxious-looking woman thanks her husband profusely for giving her one of the brand’s exercise bikes, a present around which her entire life now revolves in a way that, to some, felt sexist. “I didn’t realize how much this would change me,” the woman, heretofore calledPeloton Wife, says in the ad. “Thank you.” Well, if that commercial bummed you out, get ready, because this new parody spot fromRyan Reynolds‘Aviation Gin catches up with (a character that is obviously) Peloton Wife in what seems to be the aftermath of her marriage’s end.


“You’re safe here,” her friend tells her in the spoof. “To new beginnings,” our newly bike-free protagonist responses. “Exercise bike not included,” Reynolds tweeted along with the commercial. However, despite being an ad, no one in the spot looks particular happy to be staring down the barrel of a gin-soaked, post-split hang. “This is going to be a fun night,” her other friend sighs with dread. Well, hey, at least all those martinis are cheaper than a $ 2,
exercise bike, right?                   

                                    Ryan Reynolds Helps Peloton Wife Escape Bleak Existence

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