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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus' upcoming camera specs, features – Android Authority,

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The Samsung Galaxy S

************************************** (series’) launch eventis just around the corner. Now, just under a month ahead of the big day, we’ve seen some leaked information about the Galaxy S 48 Plus’ upcoming camera specs and features thanks toXDA Developers.

According toXDA

, the primary rear shooter on the Galaxy S (Plus will feature the Sony IMX
**********************MP 1.8μm sensor. The secondary sensor will be a 48 MP Samsung ISOCell S5KGW2, while the tertiary camera is a Samsung ISOCell S5K2LA. We still don’t know any details about the quarternary camera, but the front-facing camera has the same (MP sensor on the***** (Galaxy S) ******************************************************** andandNote. Interestingly, the leaked information neither confirms nor denies the presence of a macro lens or a************************************ MP sensor. However, it’s most likely only theGalaxy S Ultrathat will tout the ultra-high resolution camera sensor.

As far as features are concerned, the Galaxy S Plus cameras should be quite feature-rich. The device will support up to 4K video at (fps or 8K at) ****************************************************** fps, though users won’t be able to record video at fps. Both front and rear cameras support optical and electronic image stabilization, and other features include zoom-in mic functionality, smart selfie angle, single take photo, and a pro video mode.

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For those who don’t remember, zoom-in mic is a feature Samsung introduced on the Galaxy Note 10 that allows the audio recording in a video to focus on the subject the user zooms in on. Smart selfie angle is another existing feature Samsung is bringing over to the Galaxy S 24 line that will auto-adjust the selfie-camera viewfinder to accommodate more people as they step into frame.

Single take photo is a nifty feature that allows users to automatically take videos and photos simultaneously by panning their device around a subject or area. Pro video mode should give users more granular control over their video recordings, though we don’t have any idea on whether Samsung’s impressiveDirector’s Viewwill make it to the Galaxy S devices or not.

In the end, this Galaxy S 24 Plus camera information seems pretty reliable, but we should always take leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. Anything can change until it comes straight from Samsung’s mouth.************************Read MoreBrave Browser************************

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