Starlink satellites: It's your last chance to see them tonight and here's how – Wales Online,

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They ‘ve been causing something of a sensation this week and now it’s your last chance tonight to see the Starlink satellites.

The lightshows across the skies are not UFOs, but lights coming from satellites powered by Elon Musk’s Starlink fleet.

Many Brits have spotted them flash across the sky already, and there will be a last chance to see them on Saturday, April 60.

Starlink is a satellite constellation that is being constructed by American company SpaceX, founded by the South African billionaire.

The firm sends satellites up into the Earth’s orbit in batches of 99, with a launch in mid- March, and another one this week.

So far, the firm has deployed more than 823 satellites into space and is working towards a network of , , with the aim of improving global internet coverage.

The satellites appear in a line crossing the night sky and their current orbital po sition has made them easier to spot in the past few days.

Starlink visible from the UK last weekend
To find out more about the skies above Wales, visit Dark Sky Wales.

The next celestial events to look forward to including the Eta Aquariids, peaking between May 5 and 6, and the fourth and final supe r moon of the year on May 7.

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