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There is nothing brash about Joe Gomez, the Raheem Sterling storm is disconcerting for Liverpool man – Daily Mail,


DOMINIC KING: There is nothing brash or flash about Joe Gomez … he is a quiet lad who only cares about football and family so will not be enjoying this

  • Joe Gomez lives a quiet life that revolves around hard work and his family
  • For the first time in his promising career he finds himself in a media storm
  • It has been suggested he provoked Raheem Sterling but do not believe it
  • Sterling was definitely charged up and Gareth Southgate admitted as much

ByDominic King for the Daily Mail

Published:17: 30 EST, (November) |Updated:

The first thing you should know about Joe Gomez is this: the last thing he wants is his name pinned to back page headlines.

Gomez is the antithesis of how some young footballers are viewed. There is nothing brash or flash about him; he lives a quiet life, one that revolves around hard work on a daily basis atLiverpooland doting on his fiancé, Tamara and their baby son, Kyrie. It’s football, family and nothing else.

Playing at Anfield means Gomez understands scrutiny but this is the first time in a career full of promise he has found himself in the middle of a storm and you can be certain he has found the experience disconcerting – not least as it was not of his making.

Joe Gomez shies away from attention so the media storm around him will be a new challenge

It has been suggested in some quarters the central defender instigated the rumpus with Raheem Sterling on Monday lunchtime. Do not believe that version for a second. Yes, Gomez stood up for himself but he had not gone into the lunch room at St George’s Park seeking trouble.

Sterling was definitely charged up and Gareth Southgate admitted as much during an uncomfortable press conference but he absolved Gomez of blame, saying: ‘It would be correct to say that (being emotional) was not the same for Joe.’

Southgate knows Gomez’s qualities inside out. He has followed his career – which began at his local club Charlton as a 17 – year-old in August 2014 – closely and has long-regarded him as someone who has the attributes to be a fixture in England’s defense.

Gomez enjoys time with his fiancee Tamara and is not one to court the limelight

Gomez is not flashy and never courts media attention so this will be disconcerting for him

The head coach admires his leadership qualities – Gomez, who Liverpool signed for £ 3.5million in July 2015, captained the Under – 21 s for a spell in 2017 – as much as his ability and Ben Chilwell, the Leicester left back, gave a n insight to the regard in which the dressing room holds him.

‘Obviously it is one of those things which can be quite difficult to overcome but Joe is a great character and has trained really well, ‘said Chilwell, a former Under – 21 colleague. ‘We had a meeting and he spoke in the meeting, as did Raheem. He got across what he wanted to get across. ‘

Aside from his personality, Southgate – like Jurgen Klopp – holds Gomez in high regard for his ability: he wants to implement a style that sees England pass the ball out from the back and few are better suited to that brand than the 22 – year-old.

Gareth Southgate is a huge admirer of the Liverpool center back and his skill on the ball

Gomez wants to repay both his managers and he saw this week as an opportunity. The last thing he needed was to be caught in a rumpus. He has endured a difficult season so far and all he wants to do is concentrate on getting back into Liverpool’s team on a regular basis.

He didn’t want any distractions. Having only played nine minutes in the Premier League since September 1, all he wanted was to come away and get a good week under his belt. Much to his intense frustration, the quiet life – for the moment, at least – is not possible.

‘It wasn’t a very nice thing for him to have to come across but he dealt with it very well, straight away,’ said Chilwell. ‘Joe wanted to get stuff off his chest as well and that was it – done. We had the meeting, we have moved on. We can focus on the football.




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