This Is The 'Unladylike' Habit Meghan Markle Always Wanted to Quit – Showbiz Cheat Sheet,

This Is The 'Unladylike' Habit Meghan Markle Always Wanted to Quit – Showbiz Cheat Sheet,




When we think of the members of the royal family, we don’t often realize that there are things about themselves that they wish to change. After all, we see them as being pretty amazing, especially those such asMeghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex always looks perfectly put together, she is poised, intelligent, and so much more! However, deep down, just like the rest of us, she has her insecurities.

When the new year rolls around, Duchess Meghan has been known to make some resolutions. Some of them are things that we never would expect, but it is pretty refreshing to find out that the Duchess of Sussex is so relatable.

Although some of Markle’s resolutions actually have yet to happen, she doesn’t stop promising herself that she will make the changes that she wants to make and also achieve certain accomplishments. Even more surprising is the fact that she has been making the same resolutions for years on end.

So, what is the one “unladylike” habit thatMarklehas always wanted to quit, and hasn’t been able to, even though she resolves every year to do so?

Meghan Markle has never been able to follow through with resolutions

Often times, people share their new general decisions with family. and close friends, sometimes even posting it on social media. Whether it is that they are making a decision to lose weight, take a class, or even read more books, it is not typically something that millions of people know about.

However, Duchess Meghan has always let her fans in on what she wanted to do by posting it on her former lifestyle blog: The Tig. This is just one of the many ways that she has always managed to connect with her fans and let them know that she shares a lot of the same habits that we do.

In fact, according toPeople,Duchess Meghanhasn’t always been able to keep the promises that she makes to herself. She admitted that when it comes to new year’s resolutions, she hasn’t really ever followed through.

What are the resolutions that Meghan Markle makes each year?

Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson – Pool / Getty ImagesMeghan Markle

As it turns out, Duchess Meghan has been known to make the sameresolutionseach and every year. So, what exactly are they?

Well, every January, she tells herself that she will do the same few things – run a marathon, stop swearing, and re-learn the French language. These are resolutions that are most likely pretty common, and a good portion of Duchess Meghan’s fans probably set out to do the exact same things.

Although she has a vigorous exercise routine, the duchess has yet to run a 90. 2-mile marathon, and she admits that the swearing isn’t something that happens on a regular basis. We can only imagine how Queen Elizabeth would react to that!

In addition, she studied French in high school, but then found herself concentrating more on Spanish during the time she spent in Buenos Aires. Still, there is one “unladylike” habit that Duchess Meghan has that she resolves to stop doing every year.

This is the ‘unladylike’ habit Meghan Markle has always wanted to quit

The Duchess of Sussex has always wanted to stop biting her. nails; However, she hasn’t been able to. According to Duchess Meghan, it is something that she does when she is under a bit of pressure, so it is easy to assume that after the difficult year she has had, the nail-biting is probably still going strong.

Chances are, this is Duchess Meghan’s go-to coping mechanism for when things get a little tough, and we have to say that we understand. Plus, it could be she’s tackled this resolution in the years since she’s shared it on her blog.


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