UFC's Top-Secret COVID-19 Fight Island is as Ridiculous as It Sounds, Crypto Coins News

UFC's Top-Secret COVID-19 Fight Island is as Ridiculous as It Sounds, Crypto Coins News
  • As most sports have ground to a halt, the UFC has continued to look for ways to keep their fans entertained.
  • President Dana White claims he’s “a day or two away” from securing a private island from which he’ll host MMA fights.
  • Channelling the crime lord Han from Enter the Dragon, Dana White is going to ridiculous lengths to keep the wheels turning at the UFC.

In a move reminiscent of the dastardly crime lord Han in the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon, Dana White has hilariously announced that he’s commandeering an island to stage UFC fights.


While every other sport has come to a halt

during the coronavirus outbreak, two promoters continue to defy all medical advice and forge ahead.

Pro wrestling promoter Vince McMahon. And UFC President Dana White.

Dana White and the UFC’s latest plans are more action movie than legit sports

Fans of martial arts movies will immediately see the similarities between what Dana White is proposing , and the tournament set up by crime lord Han in the Bruce Lee flick Enter the Dragon.

Loud, arrogant cage fighting promoter secures a top-secret island to stage MMA bouts during a deadly worldwide pandemic is the stuff of straight-to-DVD.

Such an approach could only be improved if he announced that the fight card itself would feature Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dave Bautista in a bare-knuckle fight to the death.

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White dropped the island bombshell on a bemused looking brett okamoto (during an interview this week:

I’m also a day or two. away from securing a private island. I have a private island that I’ve secured. We’re getting the infrastructure put in now, so I’m gonna start doing the international fights too with international fighters. Because I won’t be able to get international fighters, all of them into the US, so I have a private island, and I’m gonna start flying them all into the private island and doing international fights from there. We have all our own planes and everything.

When it comes to commentary for the event, Dana lives up to his Enter the Dragon persona

It seems that Joe Rogan will be involved

in calling the action , whether he likes it or not.

When Rogan was asked about who would be commentating at the event, his reply was, “it’s not gonna be me . ”

Dana White disagrees, claiming Rogan didn’t mean what he said. Reporters got it all wrong:

They heard him on a podcast, so they start writing stories off the podcast that are full of sh t. Rogan will be there.

I wouldn’t argue, Joe!

All kidding aside, such a project is hugely irresponsible

While Dana White is happy to boast about private islands and private jets, he’s not quite so bombastic when pressed on what coronavirus-specific preventative measures would be taken:

Everybody is going to be pre-tested and tested and tested. We’re going to make sure that 100 percent healthy athletes, healthy athletic commission people, healthy judges, referees, my production people, that everybody there is healthy . We’re going to make sure that everybody is safe before, during, and after the fights.

As he has previously, White was evasive when it comes to precisely what kind of testing he’s talking about. He never mentions the coronavirus or COVID – by name.

(Source: : Twitter

but don’t ‘ t accuse Dana White of doing this for the money. The multimillionaire was quick to point out that he doesn’t need the money.

This is purely an ego thing, which is something that Dana White and his friends Vince McMahon and President Trump certainly aren’t lacking.

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