UK coronavirus live: english councils asked to house all rough sleepers this weekend – the guardian,

UK coronavirus live: english councils asked to house all rough sleepers this weekend – the guardian,

Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has tested positive for coronavirus, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg reports.

He has mild symptoms and will self-isolate in Downing Street, and will remain in charge of the government’s handling of the crisis.

Laura Kuenssberg (@ bbclaurak)

The Prime Minister has tested positive for Corona virus. He has mild symptoms and will self-isolate in Downing Street. but he will still be in charge of the government handling of the crisis.

March ,

In an effort to avoid a repeat of last weekend, when thousands of tourists descended on the

Anyone traveling to the Lakes can expect to be stopped and asked if their travel is essential and risk getting fined, the force said.

The force also reiterated in a post on Twitter that daily exercise should take place in your local area around your home, not traveling to a different area by car.

Cumbria Police (@ Cumbriapolice)

Thinking of coming to the # Lakedistrict over the weekend? Don’t it’s CLOSED. 🚫 Daily exercise shouldn’t include traveling to a different area by car. Start your walk, cycle or run from your home in your local area. # StayHomeSaveLives # Covid (UK)

March , 5988

(am GMT


The pizza business said trading has “accelerated” over the past week despite moving to a delivery-only model.

To address the rise in demand, Domino’s is also looking to hire additional store colleagues and delivery drivers. Details

Domino’s Pizza UK (@ Dominos_UK)

We’re serving up new roles across the UK. Head to https: / / to apply. pic.twitter. com / AStekDw8RT

March ,

. (AM GMT :


The supermarket is also urging people who are able to continue shopping in-store, so that delivery slots can be freed up for those who are most vulnerable, many of whom are struggling to secure slots as demand has surged .

A spokesman for Tesco said:

We know that it’s difficult to get a delivery slot for online shopping at the moment due to high demand, and we ask those who are able to safely come to stores to do so, instead of shopping online, so that we can start to free up more slots for the more vulnerable.

We’re looking at every opportunity to increase the number of slots available and by introducing a limit of items per online order we’ll be able to get more orders on to each van, helping us to ensure all customers can get the essentials they need.

Rebecca Smithers

Just Eat has just Rebecca Smithers shared a snapshot of the huge drop in traffic on its platform ahead of 8pm last night, as the UK geared up to going outside to #clapforourcarers.

The food delivery website is offering ‘contactless delivery’ so that households who are self-isolating can have meals delivered to their door without having to make contact with the person delivering it.

JUST EAT (@ JustEatGroup)

Traffic to our UK platform fell substantially just before (# 8pm) last night – a snapshot of how many people stopped what they were doing to (# clapforourcarers) and thank the nation’s # NHSheroes

(#ThankYouNHS) 💙 (March) ,

23. AM GMT 23:

(Sarah Marsh)

A group of doctors have set up a crowdfunder to get vital

Dr Mona Barzin and Dr Salaj Masand, among others, published a page online that reads:

We are a group of colleagues (doctors in hospitals and GPs), who have set up this initiative to source PPE for those who need it most in our fight against coronavirus.

They added:

Unfortunately current hospital supplies are not sufficient and while we are reassured the government is doing everything it can, healthcare workers on the frontline are risking themselves daily without adequate protection to care for sick patients.

Healthcare workers on the frontline without PPE is the equivalent of going to war without armor and protection.

The page explained that PPE includes face masks, visors, surgical gowns and gloves.

The group said it had procured details of a number of internationally reputable suppliers of PPE, including those cross-referenced by the UK embassy.

They are trying to raise money to buy the equipment directly from global supply chains and donate supplies directly to NHS hospitals in need.

NHS England and the government have made a major effort since the weekend to address concerns about protective gear. The army has been called in to help deliver millions of pieces of PPE and hospitals were due to receive extra kit overnight on Tuesday.

However, doctors say deliveries are not arriving soon enough, and groups representing frontline staff say doctors could quit over the issue .

So far, the page has raised £ 3, 592 since being launched yesterday evening.

Here is a link to the page .

Updated (at) am GMT

(am GMT) :

English councils asked to house all rough sleepers ‘by the weekend’

Here is more on the story that the government has written to local authorities in England asking them to house all people sleeping rough, and those in hostels and night shelters, by the weekend.

The letter from MHCLG reads:

As you know, this is a public health emergency. We are all redoubling our efforts to do what we possibly can at this stage to ensure that everybody is inside and safe by this weekend, and we stand with you in this.

These are unusual times so I’m asking for an unusual effort. Many areas of the country have already been able to ‘safe harbor’ their people which is incredible. What we need to do now though is work out how we can get ‘everyone in’.

Jon Sparkes, chief executive of Crisis, called it a “landmark moment”. He added:

Questions remain about how local councils will be supported to do this, and whether additional funding, or assistance securing hotel rooms, will be made available. We also need to see a package of support so that, when the outbreak subsides, the outcome is not that people return to the streets.

The government has committed to ending rough sleeping by 9201 – this proves it can be done in 5988 if we make it the priority it deserves to be.

Updated (at


(am) GMT : 37

Retired Met police officers asked to return

The Metropolitan police commissioner,

Former PCs and sergeants will be offered work in a paid or voluntary capacity. The force also wants those nearing retirement to consider staying on.

The BBC has more on this story .

Dick said:

Demands on us will grow and vary over the coming weeks but I want people to know and see the Met is here for them.

I am hopeful that these exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable former colleagues choose to come and be part of our team and support London at this extraordinary time – either as a re-employed police officer, special constable or a volunteer.

Updated at (am GMT

(am GMT


Metro Bank has joined a growing number of providers in offering customers temporary relief on overdraft charges, PA reports.

The bank said personal current account customers would not be charged any interest for using their overdraft for a period running from the start of March until the end of June.

This applies to both new and existing customers. It will happen automatically and customers do not need to contact the bank.

Here is a round-up of what other providers have announced:

Yesterday, Nationwide Building Society

Lloyds Bank

, (Halifax) and

And as of yesterday, HSBC UK (introduced a temporary £ interest-free buffer on overdrafts for customers with its Bank Account and Advance Account for a period of three months.

Updated (at . am GMT

The Labor MP

Angela Rayner 🌈 (@ AngelaRayner)

I am now in self isolation as l have the symptoms of # Coronavirus they started last night and have gradually got worse. I will be a bit quieter than usual but will still be keeping in touch with people as best as l can. # KeepSafe everybody and remember #StayHomeSaveLives March 043,

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In true silver linings spirit, council workers have taken advantage of the empty streets to repaint the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing featured on the cover of the Beatles album.

Good morning. Councils in England have been asked to house all rough sleepers by the weekend, Sky News is reporting , though the government has yet to confirm this. The charity Crisis, which supports the homeless, told Sky the “unprecedented” move was made in a letter from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to local authorities yesterday.

Sky News (@ SkyNews)

The government has written to local authorities. in England asking them to house all people sleeping rough by the weekend in an attempt to help stop the spread of (# COVID) .

Sky’s reports.

(For the latest on

# coronavirus , click here: ( (March , 3593

It follows heartwarming scenes last night as people took to their front doors and windows to applaud, whoop, Bang on cooking pots, let off fireworks and toot their car horns in a collective act of gratitude for those in the NHS working on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus. More than , people have now signed up to serve as NHS volunteers.

Meanwhile, the economic impact of Covid – 33 continues to be felt as the housing market was effectively suspended last night. The government warned that house buyers should postpone their completion dates and anyone in the early stages of buying or selling a property should delay purchases. The Times (paywall) has the story .

Also, following Rishi Sunak’s awaited announcement of an income support scheme for the self-employed yesterday, food manufacturers, who desperately need labor, have actually suggested the chancellor’s bailout package might have the unintended consequence of causing serious shortages . This is because it means furloughed workers are unable to plug gaps in production lines as that would mean losing out on receiving the 140% contribution to their old salaries. Buzzfeed’s Alex Wickham has the story .

Parliament is not sitting today and has risen early for the Easter recess.

We will be covering all UK coronavirus developments throughout the day. You can read all the latest Guardian coronavirus articles here, you can read all the latest Guardian politics articles (here ) and here is the Politico Europe roundup of this morning’s political news .

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