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Bigg Boss 13 day 117 written update episode 117 January 24: Shefali says Rashami-Arhaan called Arti … – Hindustan Times,

Bigg Boss 13 day 117 written update episode 117 January 24: Shefali says Rashami-Arhaan called Arti … – Hindustan Times,

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Here are the top highlights from tonight’s episode:

Arti Singh and Shehnaaz Gill discussed why they were right in supporting Rashami Desai and Paras Chhabra respectively. Shehnaaz then announced she will shift her bed, “because it’s over now”. Shehnaaz told Arti she felt she feared Sidharth Shukla. Arti objected and said, “When Salman Khan asked me, I said Sidharth was wrong in his attitude. I would not have said such things if I feared him. ”

Moving her bed to the oval carpet, Shehnaaz told Sidharth she wanted to distance herself from him as she could not bear anymore insult .

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Later, Bigg Boss asked Vishal Aditya Singh if any contestant became the contender for captaincy. Bigg Boss scolded the housemates and told them that the season maybe one of the most successful ones but it was ugly that they had gotten every task cancelled. Bigg Boss named Shefali Jariwala, Paras, Arti, Asim Riaz and Vishal while chiding everyone for performing badly as sanchalak. Bigg Boss then announced that no task for immunity will be given to the contestants anymore.


Shehnaaz asked Vishal to apologise to Bigg Boss but Vishal said he did not want to. However, when he heard Arti saying sorry to Bigg Boss, he also apologized. Arti was seen crying as she apologized.

After Bigg Boss asked contestants to decide upon two of them who were responsible for maximum cancellation of tasks but they began fighting while discussing the names. When they could not reach a common decision, Bigg Boss individually asked them and then on votes, declared names of Asim and Paras. Both Asim and Paras were asked to do all the household chores till the next announcement. Apart from the daily chores, they would also be bound to serve others in their personal work of they wished.

Paras then told Asim he wanted to clarify and added that he even fought with Salman when he knew he was fighting for right. “Tu jaha hai wahi reh, mere se aage mat nikal. Jitna tune struggle kiya hai, usase jada sabne kiya hai. Mat bol (Do not try to supersede me. I have struggled much more than you have.), ”He told Asim. During the fight, things got ugly and they began dragging their personal lives. Vishal then physically picked Asim up and put him inside the Elite Club, asking him to avoid the fight.

Asim went back and Paras said, “Sidharth samajha hai kya? React kar dunga? Jaha mujhe react karna hoga wahi karunga. Idhar nahi karunga. (Do you think I will impulsively react like Sidharth does? I will react where I have to, I won’t react here). ”Paras then asked Sidharth why all the ugly fights happen with Asim. He then said Asim is the main problem behind the ugliness of the fights.

Sidharth then said Arti was being called a fixed deposit. Shefali said Rashami and Arhaan called Arti and Shehnaaz as Sidharth Shukla’s fixed deposit. Arti asked what it meant but Sidharth told her Karan had asked her to stay as dumb as she is. Arti then went to Rashami and asked. Rashami told her that Arhaan had said and Shefali was part of the conversation so she must remember it. Asim then said it was ‘fixed deposit’. As Arti came out in the garden area, Sidharth was angrily shouting, “I have never went to them and asked for any favor. It is dirty word. ”Paras said the word meant“ keep ”. Sidharth and everyone asked Arti to not discuss it with anyone. She yelled that she would not, adding that no one must stop her when she would discuss it with Salman Khan over the weekend.

Asim told Rashami that they were planning a fight between her and Arti and she must not indulge her. Sidharth and Paras both said Asim and Shehnaaz were another level of player. Mahira said they were simply ungrateful.



Soon, Arti was seen sitting alone, crying and asking Bigg Boss to call her to the confession room. She went inside and told Bigg Boss, “Shefali ne bola ye log mujhe peeche se Fixed deposit bolte hain aur fixed deposit ka matlab keep hota hai, mai sidharth shukla ki keep hu? Ye log kaisi baatein karte hain peeche se? Main nahi reh sakti. Sidharth mera dost hai, mai uski keep nahi hu. Mujhe ye saari baatein affect karti hain. Mere ko pata bhi nahi fixed deposit ka kya matlab hota hai. (Shefali told me these people are calling me Sidharth Shukla’s fixed deposit and fixed deposit means a keep. Am I Sidharth’s keep? He is my friend, I am not his keep. All such things affect me, I did not even know what Fixed deposit means). ”Bigg Boss told her that she must control her emotions and be strong, adding that if the word meant what she said, it was bad.

Later, Vishal told Arti that he was the one who had called her Sidharth’s fixed deposit. He added that he only said it in the game’s context, and meant that she would always support him. Paras said it was not about him, asking him to stay away.

Shefali told Arti in bed that she was shocked to see the way Shehnaaz was behaving.

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