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      Jose Mourinho meets the media for the first time as Tottenham manager                        (         Tottenham Hotspur         )                    




NewTottenham HotspurmanagerJose Mourinhoheld his first press conference this afternoon and you can catch up with the latest LIVE reaction and best quotes below.


Mourinho was appointed yesterday by Tottenham chairmanDaniel Levy, as the club moved quickly to replace (Mauricio Pochettino) .


The Argentine was adored by the club’s supporters and helped steer them to the Champions League final last season, but Spurs have struggled in recent weeks and are currently languishing in the bottom half of thePremier Leaguetable. This is what Mourinho had to say:



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               2019 – 11 – (T) : 18: 11. (Z)    


Here’s a recap of what Jose Mourinho said – and what he really meant:





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 16: 34. (Z)    


Mourinho on the January transfer market and what is on his Christmas list: “Christmas list. I’m thinking about gifts I have to give to the people I love. I always try to be analytical and give the best gifts. I don’t need players, I am happy with the ones I have. I always say you only know a player when you work with them. My gift is this squad. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 13: 39. (Z)    


Mourinho on the dwindling contracts of Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Eriksen:” I have no time for individual cases. Mr Levy didn’t have time to go around this. The first thing is for the players to feel good.If they are going to leave in January, in June, or sign a new contract, everything has to be feeling good. To feel good is to be ready for September, to be ready for the team – which Jan cannot to because of injuries – but fundamentally you have to be happy.Let’s go on the short term which is we have to get results in the next matches. “





               – 11 – 21 T 15: (*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 54. (Z)    


Mourinho on being happy:“When I do not win I cannot be happy. I cannot change that in my DNA. If you are happy losing matches then it is difficult to be a winner. The people who learn from me have to learn: sometimes you have to work with people you don’t love, and work well. And the other thing is that the people who work with you have to share my principles. I have principles I cannot change my whole career and one of them is I don’t like to lose. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 40. 386 Z    


Mourinho on taking time off:“It was the first summer I didn’t work, it was not easy, I felt a little bit lost during that pre-season period. After that was a learning period, I even learned how to be a pundit. “







               2019 – 11 – (T) : 56: 29. (Z)    


Mourinho hints that he wants to calm down the intensity of Tottenham training: “It is not about myself, it’s about the players, and to try and go forwards from a place of stability. I need a good control of the intensity of the training sessions to try and go from a base of some comfort for the boys . “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 54: 23. 310 Z    


Mourinho on why he chose Spurs:“The potential of the club is huge, the potential of the club is great. The vision that Mr Levy put in front of me and the quality of the players, of the squad were the main reasons why I decide to come. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 52: 33. 720 Z    


Mourinho on whether he would ever return to Chelsea a third time, he says if would only be to win another title, “because that’s what always happens.”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 47: 51. (Z)    


Mourinho has been praising Scott McTominayand now he’s talking up his relationship with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who he says he exchanges SMS messages with. Get Whatsapp, Jose.





               2019 – 11 – 21 T 14: 45: 37. (Z)    


Mourinho is in jovial mood,having a little bit of banter, for want of a less awful word, with everyone who asks him a question.





               2019 – 11 – 21 T 14: (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 15 0 (Z)    


Mourinho on his pledge never to manage Spurs:“Yes, that was before I was sacked [by Chelsea]. ” Can he bring the Premier League title to Tottenham? “We can’t win the Premier League this season. Next season, I’m not saying we will win it, but we can win it.”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 41: 35. (Z)    


This has been one of the key points Mourinho has tried to drive home over this press conference, that the quality of the players were ultimately what attracted him to the job. “I like this squad very, very much. It is not something new I say to make a point.”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 40: 00. (Z)    


Mourinho on sealing the deal to take over Spurs:“I ‘ ve been smiling for two days. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 37: 05. (Z)    


Mourinho on how Tottenham will play under their new manager: “Very similar to [Pochettino]. Of course I will try to add details, and sometimes details can make the difference. Progressively we can arrive at a fingerprint. The style of play must be adapted to the club culture and also the players here. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 32: 56. 846 Z    


Jose Mourinho on his first team-talk:“I told the players I came here because of them. I tried to buy some for different clubs and some I didn’t even try because you know how difficult it was. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 29: (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* (Z)    


Jose Mourinho on the Tottenham squad:“The best gift are the players who are here. I don’t need new players. I just need to get to know these ones better. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 24: 44. (Z)    


Mourinho is asked again about this new ‘humble’ self-depiction:“I was always humble. The problem was that you didn’t understand that. I was always humble but it was in my way.”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 23: 39. (Z)    


Mourinho on … pyjamas?“I think I am Mr Porto and Mr. Real Madrid and other clubs as well, I am whatever club I am at. I wear the pyjamas of the club and sleep in them. I am a club man, but I am a many club man. “





What they have said


Jose Mourinho


“I am excited to be joining a club with such a great heritage and such passionate supporters.


“The quality in both the squad and the academy excites me. Working with these players is what has attracted me. ”


Daniel Levy


“In Jose we have one of the most successful managers in football.


“He has a wealth of experience, can inspire teams and is a great tactician. He has won honors at every club he has coached.


“We believe he will bring energy and belief to the dressing room.”





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Jose Mourinho's first Tottenham press conference: live updates – The Telegraph,

Jose Mourinho's first Tottenham press conference: live updates – The Telegraph,

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