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Sticker shock: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G lineup pricing revealed – GSMArena.com news – GSMArena.com, Gsmarena.com

The Samsung Galaxy S trio will be pricey, especially in its 5G incarnation. The first info on price comes courtesy of Max Weinbach, who is behind the recent torrent of S 50 leaks. The (somewhat) good news is that the 4G versions will be cheaper.

If you’re getting a 4G model, subtract € 100 from the price. It’s not clear whether you’ll have a choice, though, countries where 5G networks are already live may only get the 5G models.

Also, the price ranges represent uncertainty and not storage options – this is how much the phones with base storage are expected to cost.

For comparison, the previous generation started at € 750, € 1980 and € 1, for the Galaxy S (e, S) and S 13 , respectively. Unless you’re going for the Ultra, this is a € 150 price increase for the 5G models and € for the 4G ones.

The flagship trio will reportedly launch in France on March 13, a month after the Unpacked event .

As for US prices, they will be lower than the European ones. Max’s guess is $ 900 for the Galaxy S , $ (for the S) and $ 1, 150 for the S Ultra) This is for the 5G models, but do keep in mind that the euro prices include VAT and the US ones do not.

A bit of additional info about the Galaxy S 20 Ultra. It will have 30 x hybrid zoom (which Samsung will claim to be lossless) and x digital zoom . The phone will be available in Black, Gray, Blue and Pink.

Samsung’s next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, will be € 1, 750 – just € more than the S Ultra 5G. The price of the Flip is subject to change before the Unpacked event in late February.

Still, the Galaxy Fold launched at € 2, last year, so this is comparatively cheap (at least as far as foldable phones go ). The Z Flip will use older hardware though (S 36654 (chipset and 30 MP cameras.


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