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Vote for Boris Johnson! Express readers choose Tories in defeat for Lib Dems and Labor – Express, Express.co.uk

In a poll, Express.co.uk asked: “Who will you vote for on December 12? “. Voters overwhelmingly selected Tories as who they would be voting for at the December polls.

Given a choice between all the parties, the Tories picked up 3, 151 ( (percent) out of 4, 503 votes.

Despite many national polls expecting the Brexit Party to not even pick up a seat on December 12, Nigel Farage’s party received the second-highest number of votes with, 889 ( 19 percent) among Express.co.uk readers.

In third, but some way off the top, Labor received 193 (four percen t), with Lib Dems picking up 64 (one percent).

Behind that, 58 people decidedly marked their choice that they would vote for a party not listed, while 49 said they did ‘don’t know’.

General election: Boris Johnson comes out on top in poll

General election: Boris Johnson comes out on top in poll(Image: GETTY)

Election 2019: Boris Johnson

Election 2019: Boris Johnson(Image: GETTY)

Lastly, the SNP picked up 40, while Plaid Cymru and the Green Party both picked up 29 and 30 respectively.

Upon voting on the poll, readers expressed the opinion that there are only two true options to vote for.

One user said: “I’ll vote Conservative no Brexit Party option but more and more in this election I feel I’m voting for the least worst choice rather than the best.”

Another said: “I am forced to vote Tory as there is no Brexit candidate in my constituency but if there were it would have been Brexit all the way.

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Election 2019: Boris Johnson

Election 2019 : Boris Johnson(Image: GETTY)

“Voting Labor is a fate worse than death and the rest are a waste of time!

“Lib Dems are Anti-Democrats!”

Another also said: “Of course I am gonna vote for the Brexit Party, I live in a Labor leave area! ”

Looking ahead to a possible Tory Government, one reader also wished for a majority so that the Uk can finally move past Brexit

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General election: Jeremy Corbyn

General election: Jeremy Corbyn(Image: GETTY)

General election: Jo Swinson

General election: Jo Swinson(Image: GETTY)

They said: “68% Conservative. I do hope that they get a working majority, whether they’re backed up by the Brexit party or not.

“If they do, we will move on.

“If they don’t, the impasse will continue.

“ If they lose, we will not leave the ‘eu’. That’s all there is to be said, really. ”

Results vs projections

Results vs projections(Image: Express)

As it stands, in the latest YouGov poll from members of the public surveyed between December 2-3, the Tories are sitting at the top of the statistics with 42 percent of the vote.

Labor are second with 33 percent while the Lib Dems have struggled to gain much momentum and currently stands with just 12 percent.

Behind the three, the Brexit and Green Party both have four percent.

Key to Mr Johnson’s apparent surge in the p olls has been his party’s targeting of Labor Leave seats in the north and the Midlands.

General election: Boris Johnson

General election: Boris Johnson(Image: GETTY)

According to YouGov’s seat-by-seat poll which was released last week, they predict the Tories to win key Labor heartlands such as Bolsover, Dudley North and Leigh.

Moreover , overall the data predicted the Tories to storm to a 359 win, a 68 seat majority while Labor would fall to 211 seats.

The Express.co.uk poll ran on the website on December 4 from 2. (PM to) . (PM.)

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